JASDF 501st Squadron Goddess decal

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Hi forum friends.
My suggestion is the nose art on the RF-4E of the JASDF 501st Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron.

This nose art was painted on three RF-4Es(47-6903,57-6908,57-6909) of the 501st SQ that participated in a simulated combat (tactical competition) at Komatsu Air Base, Japan, in 1996.

The reference for the nose art was the three goddesses in “AH! My Goddess,”(JP: “ああっ 女神さまっ”) a romantic comedy manga by Kosuke Fujishima, a popular manga artist in Japan at the time.
Oh my goddess

It is said that one of the JASDF officials at the time was a fan of the manga and drew it as nose art with Mr. Fujishima’s permission, but the authenticity of this story is unknown.

The characters of the three goddesses “Urd,” “Skuld,” and “Belldandy” were depicted on three RF-4Es.

“Urd” 47-6903.
“Skuld” 57-6908
“Belldandy” 57-6909





Kosuke Fujishima’s X Account


Sure why not, has my +1

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Very cute +1

The only problem is licensing Ah! My Goddess!. Maybe with the bodygirl pillows tho. Def a yes vote

Totaly +1 for me.