JAS39C "Aggressor" Skin

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At DSEI 2017 Saab unveiled a new fighter for the market specifically aimed at the UK and the US, this Gripen was created with the current goal of training new pilots against more modern and unfamiliar aircraft. The JAS39C Aggressor has all the bells and whistles of the most modern Gripen C but is missing the weapon mounts. This training aircraft offers pilots a new experience against a foreign fighter unlike their own, additionally a majority of training aggressor aircraft are from the 60’s-70’s with this pilots can learn more from Mock battles as their opponent will have a more unique style of fighting with an unfamiliar aircraft. Mock battles against aircraft pilots already fly tend to lead to a negative when learning as there isnt anything new to expect, with the Saab Aggressor however pilots will need to learn and adapt to the new Aggressor of the skies. This is a skin I’d like to see implemented for the swedish gripen C.



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Very nice skin

does anyone have the ability to make this a user skin?

This is for the HU gripen but nonetheless please send the author a thanks for making this, he’s also made a ton of very cool skins so please check them out.