Jas39A Reduced Ammo

So, I hopped on right after the update was dropped and went ahead and got the gripen, and saw 520 ammo count. was super happy about it , because the guns and the added tracer made the swedish guns feel pretty useful for a non sweaty player. When i got off work and hopped back on , ammo count was reduced to 120, and am wondering why it was reduced so low? I can see how 520 ammo was a little much , but now it has less then russian planes that have a 30mm cannon. If anyone has any insight on why they would do this please let me know, because being put down to 120, is a pretty hard nerf for a plane that relies on dogfighting , and its ir missles. Not really any BVR capabilities, i feel like they nerfed the best part of the plane

Because the plane is tiny and there isn’t really room for more ammo, besides, the 120 was historical, but I thought it was funny that it had 520 lol


It got 512 rounds(the Vulcan ammo) somehow. The plane is tiny, but I can’t really find any info about how much ammo Mauser 27 has in Gripen. Maybe cuz my info field is full of stupid news about this plane

Short google confirms the 120x 27mm rounds I had in my mind.

Note that Tornado, Typhoon and Alpha Jet also use the same canon, Tornado with 180 rounds per gun, Typhoon and Alpha Jet with 150 rounds.

That’s still a main reason why I love the Warthog so much: All those other planes also have a gun.

In the A-10, the gun also has a plane…


Short google leads to wiki which didn’t have any references for this info. I think people are confused(me aswell) because how big ammo box in Gripen is modeled compared to Tornado

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Straight from wiki ( [Saab JAS 39 Gripen - Wikipedia]:(Saab JAS 39 Gripen - Wikipedia)):

Yeah, yeah. I mean this info has no reference, so I went on swedish websites and still found nothing

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Simple way of looking at it is to look at the Tornado’s, specifically the F.3 which has its ammo count straight from the manual. And the ammo box is modelled to scale again from the manual. So unless the Gripen is moon lighting as a certain Blue Telephone box I cannot see it carrying more than 120-180 rounds. The volume and weight alone would be impossible. (as much as I wish it did have 512 rounds.)

Saab’s statement for the Gripen E(larger airframe than Gripen C but same gun):


“The Gripen E multirole fighter is internally armed with a 27 mm five-chamber Mauser BK-27 automatic cannon with 120 rounds of fire. The rate of fire of the gun is adjustable between 1 000 and 1 700 rounds/min.”

Yes but still they copy-pasted 27mm Akan from British version instead of giving Mauser to Swedish variant

I’m confused by what your trying to say here the 27mm is the Mauser

Akan is simply the Swedish abbreviation for Automatkanon which means automatic canon.

The Swedish wiki entry for the Mauser BK-27 even mentions how this weapon is called the “27 mm akan m/85” in Sweden.

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Okay so it is just my misunderstanding. Nevermind then

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