Jas39A has the wrong radar in game

The Jas39A gripen has the wrong radar in game. It should have the PS-05/A radar set. The PS-05/A radar has both air to air radar modes for example pulse-doppler search and track modes with IFF and air to ground modes for locating and tracking ships and boats.

PDF confirming that the Jas39A should have the PS-05/A radar. The document is in Swedish and it was created in June of 1992. A year before the first delivery of the Jas39A to the Swedish air force. The document is about the contracts between the Swedish air force and the manufacturers.
On page 1 the date of the document is stated and on page 2 there is technical info about the aircraft and which radar set it used.

Here’s a link to the official SAAB website explaining the PS-05/A radar set. It does not contain any technical info but it confirms that the radar can carry out both air to air and air to ground operations.

In the first two paragrafs under the “Gripen sensors” title the website states some available radar modes both for air to air and air to ground.

This link downloads a pdf file. It has 6 pages. The first one contains some general info about the radar set. The second page contains technical info about the radar and how much it weighs. The third page contains info about all the different radar modes the radar has and some more technical info.
The following pages are about upgrades to the radar for later versions of the jas39.

The current radar on the dev server (PS-37A):


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