JAS39 Flight model opinions

Hello there Warthunder Players, i am new to forums sorry if i did anything wrong or said something stupid be cause i am not a pro i am only level 71 but I invested most of time in warthunder in sweden and I am very happy the gripen is dropping all tho the A, anyways do you think the gripen flight model should be fixed? or is it OP and should be nerfed. In my opinion it might be unrealesitc but i think sweden deserves something good for once specially after seeing other plane’s preformance such as the Super Mirage 4000 and Su27 and F15(all types) i think gripen should have the right to have a good and a very good flight model i mean it has good preformance (currently) but no better then the Super Mirage 4000,it has good missiles but not better then the Su27 i don’t know what the F15 can carry so i won’t say much about it but i think better missiles? so i think it isn’t the best plane in the update but def a jack of all trades so i would be very annoyed if they make the flight model more realisitc to how it is in real life and it would completely useless to add not to mention it would be even out classed by another gripen in all aspects from another country !

The Gripen is literally spot on. Just because Americans don’t grasp that is no reason to ruin a surprisingly accurate flight model.


Do u know how they even do the flight models? I’m curious, do they just use wind tunnel data, paper and stuff or do they use basic dimensions and materials and some kinda aerodynamics simulation along with written data to make the flight models? I don’t know enough about the gripen to have a definitive opinion, and I’m new to forums, but if u know itd I’d really appreciate it.

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The FM is literally broken, THERE IS NO DELTA WING that behaves like that, the flight instructor overcorrects turns and results in flatspins, US mains are too busy crying about the F-15, not the gripen.

The flight model is straight up broken, No delta wing can behave like that without snapping in half.

Rafale, Tejas, Typhoon.
The myth of delta speed bleed is purely there due to underpowered-engine airframes such as Mirage 3 and Mig-21.

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The Mig-21 was nerfed when it first dropped, it’s not underpowered IRL, and neither it is in-game, but it is nerfed. The flight model of the mirage 3 is pretty good actually, and no that’s not how planes work bud.

Its engine is underpowered for its design.
That’s why Mirage 2000C retains as much energy as an F-16, 12000kgf engine on a light airframe.

Unless someone has a flight manual, not a single person here has the necessary knowledge or information to be calling it accurate or inaccurate.


I’m sure the FM of the dev server gripen right now is very accurate… no, no plane can turn like that.

The flightmodel is buggy when you stall it out. The rest of the performance seem to be accurate

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Cause it worse then the F16A and irl is very comparable to F16 as well what is making you say it can’t do that as the only issue i see was the weird cobra bug with stalling

Gripen has both far lower wing loading and drag than an F16. A former Swedish fighter pilot said Gripen is very similar to the F16, but the Gripen regains energy faster. Which armchair experts can’t seem to comprehend.

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What do you know of the Gripen, what are you basing your assumptions on?

And also, when you’re in full manual mode and pull max rudder+elevator 15G’s spinning out into wacky cobras, sure It’s easy to say that “no plane can do that” but most modern jets in the game can also do wacky stuff in full manual with the high g limit that the game allows. I’m just sick of (mostly content creators) bringing it into test flight with min fuel, no armament and just go crazy with the controls in “full real” controls - then claim FM is cracked.

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