Anyone US players think USA tech tree should get a F-39 aka JAS-39? Operator Brazil, Researcher: USA
Embraer F-39 Gripen

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First, they are all NGs basically E variants of the Gripen not A or C. So don’t expect them in the game anytime soon

Secondly. No. What claim does the US have for either the Gripen or South American vehicles?


Why can’t we get a south American tree? Or a Latin America tree? Or one that are combined? It’d be much better there. So that’s a no from me.


the USA main cope is real


Why that worse than Britain claiming a commonwealth vehicle.

Which I remind US mains that you kept teasing and insulting us about claiming half of the world.
But nah stuff like this for the US is ok huh.


The Uk tree is frankly one of the weakest tree’s in game air wise and would not see anything new untill the interduction of the EF2000 Eurofighter
that’s why it got the South Afirican Gripen
Meanwhile the USA tree is honestly the strongest tree air wise and it does not need a Gripen.
He just want one because he don’t feel like grinding out the other trees.


Yeah ik, this is just a future idea

Why can’t we get a Ukraine tech tree?


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Also and save $$$

Like no most of it would be Soviet copies and the tree would be like from rank 6 to 8 so it’s pointless.

YES and I would also like a Pantsir for France, England, Germany and Italy because Russia is on the same continent (this was sarcasm for those who didn’t understand it).

It would make no sense to add a Grippen to the American tree, there is no reason to add it.

  1. The American tree does not in any way need a new plane at this Br, it is already very full and many planes are still missing
  2. We must stop trying to add planes from other nations in all the trees otherwise they no longer make any sense (the Italian tree which is made up of Soviet planes makes no sense).



The tech used in here could be the reason for adding Gripen C to France, Germany, and the US. This chart is wrong about the radar by the way. It’s a UK radar.

And then Thai Gripen C can also be added to Japan.

This way, Japan, France, US, UK, Germany, Sweden, and Italy, 7 countries in-game can use the Gripen C.


I really don’t think every nation needs to be equal in terms of having the same vehicles and same types of vehicles… I prefer things to be unique



Or they could just add a new Ukraine tech tree to USSR?