JANUS commander sight for the Italian Freccia

With the new update coming I wanted to take this opportunity to bring back to the attention of the devs the fact that the Freccia is still missing its Janus panoramic sight, which is standard issue for this variant of the vehicle.

An acknowledged bug report from May 2023 and a thread from the old forum confirms that the devs have planned the addition of this sight.

Are there any news on this matter?


Reminder that the in-game model is already modelled and set to accept the JANUS sight on the turret.

9 Freccia, 9 Janus sights!

Nice work on this one. I don’t play Italy but that’s definitely something that would be cool to see here.

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Thanks mate, let’s hope they see this and remember about it!

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I hope it’s an oversight, also because it’s easy to add.