Jaguar IS, Indian Jaguar having less ordinance than its supposed too, having capacities for 4 R550s

Ground attacker, More like Multi purpose fighter, as well, has only 1 30mm cannon, when is a ground attacker, normally carrying two, as well, less ordinance than its supposed to when its sitting at 11.0 getting matchmake with 12.0 75% of times. only having 60 flares total, two missiles and 150 rounds. when it should be at least 4 missiles with the ordinance missile pots the Jaguar naturally carries under its wing, this jet could be doing way better if gaijin really cared, event vehicles r a joke recently, we grind them for no reason or whatsoever when the information is done wrong and balancing issues happen. but common things as plane design its just disappointing, Same issue with object 292, they didn’t found a round for it or legit pen documents, and had to come up with their own estimated round, the first russian tank with a shell that its plain named 152MM APFSDS, instead of normal 3BM60 as in a T80BVM round, or 3BM-11 as in the T-10M, all these things just show how less of an effort and care they put into players consideration. making them grind these vehicles for hours, when it used to be medals for better vehicles, now its point events for incomplete or fake vehicles, when they removed a whole 6.7 German lineup because missing papers or not historically acquired, these vehicles, Mouse, Panther II, Tiger 105, Flak 341 (Coelian), its been obvious that recently they have been trying to scam the players with these event vehicles. instead of just adding the correct things or add them into a lower BR with event worst ordinance. or make it a premium vehicle for console players that need to start in Britain, don’t give the current WT based player such an incomplete and obsolete vehicle that gaijin decided it suited well in a 45k point grinding event…

You’ll need more precise sources than that.

Also consider the following buff of Magic-2 that is incoming to the game. (And there is more possibles fixes for that missile, that are still pending,…)

You’ll see that Jaguar IS would be fairly capable fighter at it’s current BR.

Unfortunately reseach seems to indicate its infact a wiring limitation that the Jags cannot carry more than two missiles. Based on the pilots notes for british jags the installation of the overwing pylons seems to prelcude the use of AAM’s on the underwing.

This feels wrong as the Jaguar IS models went through several upgrade within it’s timeline.

I don’t have many info about that right now, but i’ll search a bit.

The Indians kept Jaguars at the most capable possibilities, so it might be different from UK models, which it is already with Magic-2 instead of AIM-9G

Unfortunately unless you can provide proof of it being able to mount 4 AAM’s then its stuck with two. I know back when the GR.1A was added i did a lot of digging to see if i could find a 4 missile installation on a jag and i wasnt able to find any that weren’t museum mockups

I know,… that’s why i said it feels wrong, not saying it necessarly is. ^^"

However i feel like the Diverse DARIN standards (1 to 3) made this a possibility,… and that’s where the possibility lies in.

I also said that more search should be made specifically to those DARIN upgardes.

About DARIN III, it seems the whole weapon system have been upgraded, notably the:
OSAMC (open system architecture mission computer)

Which is part of the weapon system.
(There is more to the DARIN III, but we also should search over DARIN 1 & 2)

Have you found anything?

Tbh, i didn’t searched more than previous post.