Jaguar GR1A

Right first time writing one of these, I gonna cope and complain about this bloody thing but here we go.

The loadout for the Jaguar GR1A is close to being correct for the period but fails is some aspects. It is missing another missle option on the far ends of the wings. The top mounted missle attachment is strange as it was only done is Desert Storm. Having an extra two missles would really help out as it historical had it and the fact that it is not a great performer at its br. To compare it to the MIG-21SMT, the mig outperforms it massively. Yes the Mig-21 was probably better IRL, I am unsure honestly, but that being the same br makes the grind aids.

Really, I’m trying to get top tier. The 11.3 Phantoms are a pain to play when you get uptiered so the jag seems the way for me. In my view, there may be better options for the grind but if they cant get the basic loadout correct for one of the only good options right, then I believe that there should be a change.

Could anyone help out, I could be wrong in my arguement and I am just coping to be honest but a simple fix could go a long way. Or is there another aircraft they could add to make a good aircraft for Britain players to use

No, British Jaguars (and Indian as well, btw) had them much earlier.

Where? I don’t know of a single photo of a British Jag with other missiles on outer underwing pylons and clearly nothing on the wingtips.

I hope you don’t intend to play it as a fighter, as that’s not what it is: It’s a bomber/attacker with Sidewinders only in self defense. In this role it is very capable in e.g. Sim EC, probably less so in RB and AB, however…

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I don’t know about you, but my Jag E is the perfect fighter!

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With any luck. The Jaguar Gr1A can go down to 10.0 with the split Air to ground BRs coming hopefully next major update. It is probably over BRed for air modes currently because it has a Thermal TPOD and GBUs at a surprisingly low BR.

My best advice would be to get into SB, where you can actually play a strike aircraft properly but that is a huge learning curve.

As for the Phantom FGR2/FG1. Yeah they are totally and completely outclassed at that BR currently. Even other 11.3s like the F3 and MLD totally out perform the FGR2/FG1 and they probably need a BR drop or Aim-9ls. But gaijin wont do either.

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It’s not only the Tech, it’s also the Pilot…

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I’m pretty sure it’s the R550s :3

I think we’ve had this discussion before: only “evidence” we’ve ever seen is a photo from a Museum Exhibit in Ecuador, with 4 AAMs, two overwing, two underwing. In absence of any documents proving this was technically possible we binned it off.

The Jaguar isn’t in the nicest of spots. The airframe is distinctly garbage, having awful retention, no real ability to pull alpha or turn, and having a hard time regaining any speed loss. Yet the Laser Bombs, acceptable missiles and speed probably only really make it a 10.0 worthy aircraft. But the magical balancing computer decreed, and so it must be.

Standard modification for GR.1A, GR.1B, GR.3 and GR.3A. Nothing strange about it.

When the over wing pylons where added the wiring used for sidewinder was move from the outboard pylons to the over wing pylons. This removed the ability to carry sidewinders outboard and limited those pylons to bombs, AN/ALQ-101-10 and the Phimat chaff pod.

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Does anyone know if a configuration of 4x LGBs is possible for the Jaguar?

GR.1 yes but that has no pod;


But not on GR.1A (for reference this is before the over wing modification);


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