Jaguar Gr1 - Missing Starter loadout

Decided to finally spade the Jaguar Gr1 and immediately decided its not worth my time to even try. Despite the fact that, as far as I am aware, they made the decision to give all AAM carrying jets, AAM by default. The Jaguar Gr1 has nothing. No AAM, No rockets, no bombs. You are expected to gunfight, in a jaguar. This is stupid, this is insane. Especially as the 9G or Bombs are a rank 2 upgrade, so that is quite a bit of farming for something usable

Please for love of all that is good, Gaijin, please give this jet 540s or 9Gs by default. That way you can actually grind out the upgrades without being 100% reliant on using the gun, which is one of the most unreliable top tier cannons, the ADEN

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This is a great point, and sounds very unfair. Funnily enough, the amourers manuals say 150 rounds per gun but they max they could take and would take was 130 rounds


For a jet to qualify for stock missiles it either has be able to upgrade to different missiles, or if it carries only one type it has to be able to equip more than two missiles. Since the Jaguar can only equip two Aim-9G’s it doesn’t qualify for stock missiles.

still should get a basic compliment of starting bombs though. A bomber being expected to gun fight with no CMs at BR10 is kinda insane

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That I will agree with you since it’s classified as a strike aircraft in game.

Yep, with 540s an option, I’d give it them, and then have 1000s be the Rank 2 upgrade instead of the Rank 3 upgrade.