Jaguar GR.1A Aim 9Ls

So with the game how it is now and the surge of aircraft now with all aspect missiles at 10.0 and with the increase of BR in Jaguar series aircraft - can we finally get AIM-9L’s?

I don’t really see the reason for not adding them. The 9L is not the god tier missile anymore, in fact has seen a lot of nerfs and can be defeated by most flared aircraft. Aircraft without flares - well what does it matter when you have 9Gs anyways?

It would give the Jag and awesome boost it needs.


Being flared off so easily is a bug. The AIM-9L has an active report on it’s flare resistance against afterburning targets. Should not be decoyed by flares at all when chasing afterburner plumes.

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No, I want Jags at 10.3, not 11.0.


I’d honestly rather see a GR.3A in that case, would also get some extra performance.
That’d be okay for 11.0 for sure

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yeah, that’s what im hoping for, Gr3s with 9Ls at a higher BR, I see either that or the hawk after the Shar being added

This doesnt change the fact that as long as you’re not afterburning and properly flaring Aim9L will be easily defeated.

İf Su-25 and 25K models can sit at 10.0 with similiar flight performance and better ordinance im pretty sure GR1A can easily sit at between 10.3-10.7 with Aim9l’s.


It does, in the same report it says mil power targets have an 80% chance of being killed from 10 degrees of rear aspect, so with two missiles your odds of killing something even defensive with flares and not on afterburner is rather high.

I didn’t say that should prevent the jaguar from getting the AIM-9Ls though, it would be a nice addition. Let’s just not undermine the AIM-9L as a plea to give it that ordinance though.

GR1A is a supersonic jet, there is nothing below 11.3 [11.0 for the only aircraft with exception] with Aim-9Ls currently that’s a supersonic jet.
So no, it’d be 11.0 minimum.

Last time i checked it can barely reach supersonic at sea level, not to mention it has mediocre flight performance alongside with terrible energy retention.

So yea 11.0 is too much if its get Aim9L.

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Then it doesn’t get Aim-9Ls and you enjoy it at the superior BR of 10.3.
Cause it goes to 11.0 if it gets 9Ls whether you like it or not.
F-5C with 9Ls essentially.

Nobody is undermining Aim9L but lets be honest you can easily decoy that missile if you know what you are doing.

Buffing that missile will be a welcome addition and like you said it will be nice to see that on GR1A

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So in your book GR1A flight performance is equal to F5C? BİG LMAO.

F5C surprass GR1A in every single category when it comes to flight performance, i dont know where did you get this idea from but GR1A cant even come close to F5C in terms of flight performance.

Also you’re the one who’s claiming it will or should be 11.0 if its get Aim9L meanwhile 10.3-10.7 will be much better with those missiles.


Everything at 10.3 & 10.7 with 9Ls are subsonic aircraft that can’t dogfight.
By all means get in a Sea Harrier or A-10, and I’ll win in my GR1A every time.

BTW, never said GR1A & F5C are perfect equals, you made that up to laugh at. AKA Made a strawman.

You’re the one who brought up F5C into conversation my friend not me.

So if you think its not a good example, next time dont bring it.


They are in the sense both are transonic at sea level [tho GR1A is slightly faster].
And GR1A is a one circle fighter when put in that situation.

F5C can also do one circle but its also much better when it comes to rate fight and energy retention.

Not to mention unlike Jaguar it doesnt drift in the air after one single turn and if you keep your speed around mach 0.9 you basically dont loose any energy.

So no Jaguar Gr1a will not became F5C if you give Aim9L.


Correct, it’ll be 0.7 BR better.

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Another pointless argument with you cause you have no idea what you’re talking about.

Maybe one day you will learn.


I would like to see a GR.3 with 9Ls as a bridge between the harrier and the GR.1A.

It can do mach 1.1 max at sea level and has slower acceleration to get there.
Turning wise you can outturn anything once with the use of its slats.

The problem is 99% of my games are generally uptiers. If they wanna treat me like an 11.3 jet they need to give me better missiles.