Jaguar EBRC

Very interesting video, which reveals a lot of details concerning the new vehicle of the French army, the Jaguar.

I hope we get this vehicle in War Thunder very soon !


Yeah, it’ ugly !

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It is indeed quite detailed… As long as you can speak French. Some english subtitles would be useful.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t give the option to add English subtitles. But yes, a LOT of info. Recoil of the 40mm gun (44mm), shooting modes (one shot, burst of 3, full auto), commander and gunner thermals, turret rotation, gun depression, etc.


It’s such a beauty, are you crazy ? haha

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would be awesome, an actual high tier light tank for France.
The gun would be really potent, around the same performance as the top round of the CV9040C.
The Akeron ATGM, plus reloads should also come in handy.

Yeah kalgann, this Jaguar is beautiful !

France really needs more top tier light vehicles.

Cool but ugly