Jaguar A: HUD elements not working?

Hello guys. In cockpit mode the ballistic computer for bombs and cannon doesnt seem to be working. It does in 3rd person, but not on the HUD inside the cockpit. I turn the computer on, switch sight to bombs or cannon, but no indicator appears…

I cant test the Jaguar A, but just checked the British Jaguars (usually these bugs “run in the family”) and its working fine for me. So it could be aircraft specific.

100% sure you have the Cannon Ballisitc computer enabled? (it’s set to off by default)

and for the bombs do you have bombs selected?
Also for the bomb sight, it can be below the HUD. Try entering a dive and/or increasing your speed.

Are you also able to share a video of it? Might give some insight into what is wrong

Im going online now, I’ll see if it happens again and record it

Edit: it DOES work. Problem was that the indicator is a tiny tiny square that I literally couldnt see yesterday because hud was a bit blurry due to the graphics setting I was playing with. Today I put graphics to max to record the video and I actually saw the square. So problem solved…but I would keep this thread open in case other people miss the square too.

Yeah, the huds are probelmatic like thet. Glad its working

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