JA37C / JA37D - Rb99 Discussion & Future changes

I don’t see much reason to limit the JA37C to 24J missiles and less countermeasures for a .3 decrease in battle-rating. You’re essentially playing the same plane with less freedom that still fights the same opponents.


Viggen is a 4th gen fighter.
AIM-9Ls and Python 3s are not easily flared as you falsely claim.

Which doesn’t matter too much cause Viggen’s AB is shrouded + lower temperature.

Except the game doesnt look at the exhaust temp. Only the engine temp. That is why the F-5C on full AB is colder than a harrier

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The problem with ICE is the airframe
I’m going to be relatively blunt here and say that its basically a lipstick on a pig
Sure, you got an APG-65 radar, 9Ls (hopefully 9L/i-1) and AMRAAMs but the airframe is still that old F-4F one. Without 7th fuel cell.

Honestly it might just be the meta to go 48 large caliber flares and full BOL chaff if the 37D gets the amraam

Assuming JA37D gets Rb99 and improved Rb74
It’s not staying at 11.3
12.0 least

What’s the fun of gen 3+ if you aren’t flying a metal piece of junk with weapons of mass destruction :P

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Yeah… but compression is gunna force them high. Im expecting the Sea Harrier FA2 to be 12.3. An aircraft which is only really an upgraded version of the Harrier Gr3 at 9.7

Which makes the Viggen even colder then.

Well people seem to be doing well with the Mig-29SMT despite it only being ever so slightly better than the F-4F in airframe performance.
With the largest difference being top speed at the deck mach 1.24 vs 1.15.

I honestly don’t think that it should get the 9M, AIM-120 + 9L would allow it to stay at a slightly lower BR since its airframe isn’t the best for top tier. Also considering that the AIM-120 is the weakest ARH coming next patch

viggen is a 3rd gen fighter

3.5 gen, take it or leave it

I think this problem will be solved with the introductions of later Drakens like the J35J or alternatively a third Viggen variant with its own limitations (Sk37E being unable to carry missiles or the AJSF37 unable to carry guns)


Good luck hitting Mach 1.1 on deck with F-4F
Agile Eagle is to blame here

3rd gen fighter

3.6 :P

(it wants a longer message so here it is)

ouuugh can we please not bring up the topic of fighter generations, the entire concept being made by the United States and has no regard for European aircraft

The JA37 is more akin to the F-14 in terms of avionics and capabilities but its still considered a Gen 3+ because its not the Tomcat


Eh I think its healthy to have someone be the devils advocate in the discussion. I don’t really mind it.

I do wish more people actually read the post though beforehand :P


I think for WT, radar is actually better on Viggen
Might not have as much range as Tomcat but it more than compensates by being all aspect PD
There’s that I guess


i don’t really know man, this whole amraams thing is still a hard to balance topic and i don’t personally think we are getting amraams on 3rd gen airframes gaijin just like to compress everything like a waffle, and there is very few BRs to have the luxury of suggesting such stuff