JA37C / JA37D - Rb99 Discussion & Future changes

Aim120 turns out to be weaker than expected → JA37D faces weaker Aim120s → JA37D performs identical to its current state but with more radar missiles available

Aim 120 turns out to be stronger than expected → JA37D faces stronger Aim120 → JA37D performs better than its current state as its flight performance matters less

No matter the pessimistic approach the JA37D only benefits from this change as it gives it more offensive options to use. The JA37 already faces F-15s and F-16 in its current state and will likely always face them anyway. Besides, giving players the option to stay at 11.3 by playing the JA37C instead means that there is no downside to this change.

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JA37D is currently OP, a top 3 11.3 in War Thunder.
There is no benefit of it moving up because of AMRAAMs.
JA37C doesn’t have the flare count.

If you read my post I brought up this exact topic and why the JA37C should get the current armament and countermeasures from the JA37D. They historically both carried this loadout and so differentiating them by giving the JA37D its proper missiles makes the most sense.

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Except the JA37C never used BOL pods, that’s one of the upgrades the D variant got.
D already has proper missiles.

JA37D used the Rb99 its entire service life. I don’t know any documentation that specifically says the BOL dispenser is only available to the JA37D so if you could provide that it would be very appreciated.

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dude OP how? it was never an OP aircraft it’s just a good aircraft but every single game is you facing 4th gen airframes that can do everything better than you in a 3rd gen airframe that needs some skills be cause you can’t turn when ever you like.

so currently it’s literally a very mid to meh aircraft.

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i think the JA37D should get RB99 and stay at 11.3.

aim120a isn’t gonna be meta gaijin won’t let it happen.

I do kinda feel like they need to take the same approach im hoping for for the Tornado F3.

add a second airframe with the upgraded AAMs, that way you get the best of both worlds. The lower BR non-ARH version and the higher BR ARH equipped version. Then you can fly which ever you want.

Only negative is grinding an essentially identical aircraft for AAM upgrades

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6x 9Ls on a supersonic platform with 300+ flares.
11.7 aircraft at 11.3.

The fact you think AARHs won’t be powerful is hilarious.

Sure, Mig-29SMT can go to 11.7 then. /s

platform that faces 4th gen platforms every game+No this aircraft does not belong to 11.7

also 9Ls are now so fllareable so they’re not something op

They could be foldered
Like F-16s are (Block 10 and ADF)

There needs to be an asterix there.

Because BOL are in a rather nerfed state currently. So most of those are fairly in-effective. Meaning you have to dump a significant amount to defeat a missile.

Fingers crossed they fix BOL before or with next major update. Because we are gunna need them at full strength

(They nerfed not just the flares side of BOL but the chaff side as well)

Down the road, absolutely, not sure how happy they would be to add a “new” vehicle in a folder with the folder RP reduction. It would be the best solution. But that is entirely dependent on Gaijins… generosity

It’s essentially what I am proposing by giving the JA37C the current weaponry of the JA37D. You get to pick between the current limitations on the JA37C, and the new weaponry at offer with the JA37D. The current difference between the two is negligible at best and gives little reason to grind one or the other.

Its largely mitigated by flares reinforced so it’s not as bad as it is on the F-14B

BOL will probably be reworked some time in the future since IR-based cartridges in the dispenser was a much later addition. As it stands it definitely gives the JA37 a huge advantage over its peers but even the standard 48 flare setup isn’t anything out of the ordinary.

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That’d be quite the jump from J35D
I think JA37C should be left as is
Give JA37D Rb99 and put it to 12.0 (Germany isn’t in much better position with their F-4F ICE either…)
Ideally, they could also “cut corners” and give it Rb74(M)

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Yeah, that was my thinking too. Avoiding gaps/holes

Though im expecting F4F-ICE and Tornado F3 AoP to be 12.7