J8f needs better ir missiles at 12.3

Yeah, 12.3 i think the mig21 airframe should maybe possibly get missiles at least competitive with the aim9m… Cmon now even the mig21 bison is getting r73 so come on now gaijin its getting ridiculous

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The J8F is not a mig 21 airframe

but the mig 21 bison does not get access to the fox 3 missles
And i am not sure but the J8F can carry 6 of the fox 3 missles cant it?

Only 2

They will re-do the battle ratings after releasing their stuff to the public for sure.

The J8F is not a mig 21 airframe

It functions as a MiG-21 airframe as its somewhat based off a MiG-21, the only pro is the fact it can pull more AOA for a certain amount of time.