J7e shhould get pythons

Yup.Our export J-7Gs(F-7BGI) use PL-9C.I think that’s the best missile J-7s can get.Some sources have claimed that it can use SD-10 as well.But that’s questionable.

a joke: if you still seen the JF17 as a J7(Mig21) improved, it’s a J7 with SD10😆

Theres another modification of J-7 which is the JL-9/FTC-2000G.It can use SD-10 as well

yep which comes from the Sabre II

with the introduction with the pl5c, i think the j7e and j8b should definetly get them at least in the december update especially if the j10 comes in


Gajin forgot PL-8 replacement PL-2 on J-7E ? 🤔

Unless there’s a r-27er or a phoenix coming from high up down on you, the r-27er does not require much lead and is more likely to hit you, the phoenix has such a large warhead that you may get heavily damaged from the splash nearby


Isn’t the 11.0 MiG BIS also equipped with R60m? Why can’t China have PL8 at 11.0

PL-8 is much better than R-60Ms btw


Short range R-60M shots are usually more reliable.

J7D sadly shouldn’t.J7E was designed to take the place of J7D to carry heavier missles such as PL-8,which means J7D can’t do so.It’s better to ask Gaijin to make PL-7 as useful as the reality.

I’d love to see PL-5C’s on the J7D. I think that would make it quite nice at 11.0

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Sure, place it at 12.0 then.

Because PL8 is blatantly OP anywhere below 12.0 on decent jet which J7E is. Its way more than decent. R60Ms are one of the worst missiles at BR.

That’s true.

I don’t think 12.0 would be a proper BR.REMEMBER that No Radar-guided Missiles = No power at BRs over 11.0. And PL-8 has no IRCCM and has a high FOV.It will be tracked by flares easily.

Any 11.X jet can easily defeat PL-8. Flaring PL-8 isn’t that hard. It takes one or two flares to defeat it.


PL-8 is still easily flareable, even easier to defeat than an AIM-9L. the only thing that makes it look OP is the fact that it can be fired from unpredictable angles given its platform (J-8F with HMD slaving) and high G capacity.

You’re right.

Still doesn’t change the fact that the J-7E - one of the most dominant airframes at 11.0 - doesn’t need it.

Giving it PL-8 wont be game breaking or gaijin can add J-7G with PL-8 at 11.3

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