J7e shhould get pythons

Even better, all aspect missiles and R-13/R-3R. Good jet.

Wasn’t that in regard to MiG-21?
J-7E has it easier with it’s energy retention and superior missiles.

but still in trouble when it see the 12.0+ vehicles

We should ask for another J-7 with HMD and PL-5E/PL-8 at 11.3 or 11.7, J-7E is good as it is now at 11.0.

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it called: J7G, it even can use PL11
edit: After @Miraz05 ‘s correction J7G cant use PL11, it’s my bad to fixed the PL8 and PL11

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I would be in favour of that. Just folder it.

No it cant.If you have proof then please share it.

oh it’s my bad, i mixed up PL8 and PL11, J7E is upgrade for using PL8 but not PL11😖

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Yup.Our export J-7Gs(F-7BGI) use PL-9C.I think that’s the best missile J-7s can get.Some sources have claimed that it can use SD-10 as well.But that’s questionable.

a joke: if you still seen the JF17 as a J7(Mig21) improved, it’s a J7 with SD10😆

Theres another modification of J-7 which is the JL-9/FTC-2000G.It can use SD-10 as well

yep which comes from the Sabre II

with the introduction with the pl5c, i think the j7e and j8b should definetly get them at least in the december update especially if the j10 comes in


the best rear aspect IR missiles,means you will totally easy to be killed by a AIM-9L/AIM-7E/AIM-7F/MAGIC-2 carrier.in 10.3,there are a lot of things can easily kill you from 3 km in front of you.or even 7km far.PL-5B has no ability to win once with them