J7e shhould get pythons

I don’t get why the mig-21bis is 11.0 when they legit moved the F-5E down to 10.7
This is a joke

Yeah but you can make the same argument about the AIM-7E vs AIM-7E-2, they have the same stats pretty much just the E-2 starts turning immediately and it makes a huge difference

I said it as an example.We cant really guess how it would perform in game.

It’s so funny that you think the MLD, F-14A should be at 11.3 but cry when people ask for the Python 3 on their J-7E.

The MLD and F-14A should both go to 11.7 and stay there, though the MLD should be equipped with the R-73. No reason J-7E couldn’t get the Python 3 and remain at 11.0 or depending on how it performs be moved to 11.3

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TWR is lower than MiG-21bis, sustained turn rate is potentially on par with the MiG-19 but carries vastly better ordnance and has countermeasures, doesn’t even compete with a Draken at all… not even a little bit.

It’s not a UFO though, the flight performance is realistic. The F-14 already put it to shame and the MLD can easily outclass it as well. Weird to lie about so much and all for nothing because the devs don’t care about your opinion on the subject. It performs as they have intended and they don’t see an issue with it.

The mig-21bis is kind of obsolete at 11.0 . Atleast if it got it’s special AB mode back as a booster

I don’t see it as obsolete, people still do very well in it.

Python 3 is borderline useless when the enemy is at least self aware and has flares.
PL-5B seems to ignore flares more on average which makes it the better missile for me.

Whenever it’s uptiered it suffers.

Definitely obsolete(May not seem obsolete if a good player is using it).It just takes off then flys for a while and then dies to BVR.It is an easy kill for any forth gen jet.

Any player skimming low to the ground is immune to radar missiles. Not even remotely an issue for J-7E. Could likely get away with running only flares.

I don’t really agree, the PL-5B is really good against Tomcats and such.

I was talking about Mig 21bis.Most of the users of that plane are new players.They dont really know how to avoid radar missiles.Also Mig 21 Bis isn’t suited for current state of 11.X BR.BR decompression will greatly help it alongside other such planes.

Even better, all aspect missiles and R-13/R-3R. Good jet.

Wasn’t that in regard to MiG-21?
J-7E has it easier with it’s energy retention and superior missiles.

but still in trouble when it see the 12.0+ vehicles

We should ask for another J-7 with HMD and PL-5E/PL-8 at 11.3 or 11.7, J-7E is good as it is now at 11.0.


it called: J7G, it even can use PL11
edit: After @Miraz05 ‘s correction J7G cant use PL11, it’s my bad to fixed the PL8 and PL11

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I would be in favour of that. Just folder it.

No it cant.If you have proof then please share it.

oh it’s my bad, i mixed up PL8 and PL11, J7E is upgrade for using PL8 but not PL11😖

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