Or PL-5B switch to tier II instead of PL-2, PL-5C in tier III and PL-8 to replace PL-7

Based on what??? You wanna add better missile at a tier it doesn’t needs it,…

It’s not the J-7E we’re talking about… but J-7D

Btw,… both are 11.0, because D have access to PL-7 “Magic-1”

The J-7D also is premium,…so tier placement of weaponnary mean nothing

The J-7D is told to be flying as good as MiG-21MF

The differences are:
Missiles :
R60 vs PL-5B or PL-7 (PL-7 win over R60, and PL-5B too)
[btw no Magic-1 stand on a supersonic aircraft with Flares/chaffs under 11.0 → gaijin limited Magic-1 but not R60 go complain on that to put back MiG-21MF at 10.7]
Both brings 4 missiles

Both have same gun, same feed 200rpg
J-7D have more counter measures. (72 vs 64)

Flight model wise MiG-21MF/J-7D are on par with what they encountered in 10.7/11.0 BR.

The problem is Russian/German MiG-21 being too low.

they’re skyflashes…

Guaranteed? Skyflashes are guaranteed kills now?

Pretty sure youre fighting/using wrongly the J-7D,…

PL-7 move to tier II instead of PL-2 & add PL-5C to tier IV but PL-5B stay tier III

And increase BR for Air RB & Air SB to 11.3 and 11.0 for Air AB

What about you read?

Exactly why → adding new weapons, especially PL-8 is the same as putting it from 11.0 (current) to 12.0

And about PL-5C and why it doesn’t matter to have it:

As the J-7D is an interceptor, it does requires to launch missile from good aspects but a bit of range, at high speed to ensure successful hits → shortenned minimum ranges only will make pilots to use the J-7D even more in closed-in dogfight where it doesn’t belong,…

Is there any possibility that in the future IR SRAAM full options on J-7D and move to rank VIII with expand to 11.7 BR after gaijin introducted rank IX ?

I expect gaijin add 2nd premium pre-order pack another fighter aircraft at 11.3 BR after Chengdu J-7D in the future

They most likely will add new aircraft instead, maybe some J-8 shenyang instead (J-8H with PL-11"aspide", R-27R1 and R-27T1 maybe, at 12.0 aswell as Air-Sol/Navy Kh-31 missile) → would bring much more people to China TT than a Late J-7D,…

Not before they add J-10 aircrafts in TT though,…

I also think that J-7D is meant to stand in between 11.0 and 11.3, and a new one will be over it.

Ps: i edited previous message.

J-8H armed IR SRAAM PL-5E & PL-8 and SARH MRAAM PL-11 at 12.0, and located before J-11 (Su-27SK) & J-8F with receive BVR MRAAM PL-12

Shenyang F-8IIM at 12.3 with IR SRAAM PL-5/PL-8/PL-9 and SARH MRAAM R-27R1 & PL-11

I guess next premium pre-order pack aircraft in rank 7 might be Shenyang J-8I (J-8A) or supersonic fighter-bomber Xian FBC-1

J7D is told to be flying as good as the mig-21mf??? isnt that funny since the mig-21mf is an 10.3 plane while the J7D is at 11.0. the magic missiles arent really that good unless they are the magic 2 missile. also the mig-21mf can run full afterburner without the engine over heating for a long time unlike the J7D thats engine overheats just by having throttle at 100% it is so bad currently and gets shit on by other 11.0 planes so easily not to mention 11.3 planes that other 11.0 can actually fight. sure the J7E used to be good and the J7D is the same plane but not anymore

also the J7D and J7E are way over brd since they have the same or worse performance than the mig-21mf or the mig-21smt whilebeing actually the same plane there is no difference between them other than the J7D and E have way shittier engines that overheat over nothing, the magic 1/PL-7 does not make up for this difference at all and the J7D and E should be at 10.3 or 10.7 max. have you even played these planes???

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the J7D engine at 100% throttle is at 758 decrees celcius while the mig-21smt’s engine is at 674 decrees celcius and at after burner its at 723+ and only starts to breakdown after long afterburner usage not to mention the mig-21mf’s afterburner engine thrust is way higher than the J7D’s at 10.3 while the J7D is at 11.0 having its engine break down at 100% throttle not to mention using the after burner.
these are the J7D’s engine and the mig-21 bis engines
at the same br J7Ds engine is way worse with afterburner and the engine breaks down within minutes unlike the mig21 bis or the mf or the smt. J7D is way shittier and way over br’d i dont know why you are dying on this hill the plane is super dog shit at this br and it struggles even against 10.0 br planes and it has to fight 12.0 planes rn

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That cries,… that tears,… they are beautiful,…

Btw,… about stats of MiG-21bis,… when you’re told to compare it to the MiG-21MF, you just showed you didn’t wanna listen.

And YET, Magic-1 missile is Fairly superior to the R60 on MiG-21MF

And YET, you complain because you have bought something that is balanced as a premium

J-7D is equivalent to the Mig-21Bis.

not rly no


not even of MiG-21SMT, which is slightly over J-7D:

Here’s MiG-21MF, which is slightly under J-7D:

and Here’s J-7D:
in which it’s stated:
“The J-7D (Chinese: 歼-7D型歼击机, AKA J-7IIIA 歼-7IIIA; unified NATO codename: Fishcan) was an upgrade of the previous J-7C (J-7III), which was based on Egyptian MiG-21MFs with domestic avionics and HUD. The PLAAF obtained MiG-21MF aircraft from Egypt”

and for reference here’s J-7E:

So overall, we have on top for engines:

and for average Kill/death results, here some links:
MiG21Bis https://thunderskill.com/en/vehicle/mig-21_bis
MiG21SMT https://thunderskill.com/en/vehicle/mig-21_smt
MiG21MF https://thunderskill.com/en/vehicle/mig-21_mf
J-7E https://thunderskill.com/en/vehicle/j_7e
J-7D https://thunderskill.com/en/vehicle/j_7d
J-7II https://thunderskill.com/en/vehicle/j_7_mk2

Those shows that J-7E is on top of results> MiG-21Bis > MiG-21SMT and J-7D have similar stats, but from different BR > MiG-21MF

So the disparity of results explain the BR, but the problem is then on Newb/Pro balance.
and from what i’ve seen in result disparity of our “friend” there, it sure is some kind of trouble like this.

Ehm what, why are you lying? J-7D have weaker engine than 21SMT while being 0.7 BR higher, also Magic-1 on supersonic plane with flares is right at 10.3, and Magic 1s are trash missles,the PL-5Bs are much better allowing 3 km launch and still achieving kill, tho single flare make them get spoofed while above 1 km. If anything, J-7D needs either be moved to 10.7 or 10.3 or given its historical PL-8B and moved to 10.7

Re read please,… first of all i used MF in the quote you answer to and not SMT,… and i gave basically the engines perfs on the post right above yours,…

So,… please read,…

And then i also gave the information about results of last months and a conclusion to it.

Thunderskill is not valid source of data tho. And even then J-7D is copied 21MF airframe that was upgraded with slightly better engine.

Which still is subpar to SMT one,…

Thunderskill stats over 1 months still show tendency,… while not being as accurate as we would want it to be,… it still does show that Russian/US players are filled with more newbs,…