J35's are hard to gun down

The J35 is the new Su-25. It’s a huge flying fuel tank, with lots of surface area, that can survive many shots even if it’s stalled out. I had them surviving Sparrows, i had them stalled out in my face and eating HEI rounds in a way that made me think realshatter hasn’t been fixed, then I go to a Su25 and blow it’s wing off with a short burst.

Proof: War Thunder J35's are built different - YouTube War Thunder -J35 is the new Su25 - YouTube

on the second video the j35 stalled himself out and played very poorly, thus entering a flat spin at a very disfavourable altitude where air is too thin to correct. That yellow wingtip doomed him for playing badly instead of running away. Notice the amount of sparks, using the Universal belts.

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This seems more due to the fact you are using probably the worse 20s in the game, in these videos I see just bad hits and no issues with it. My GsH-23 tears these things apart in half a burst, same as Hispanos. I don’t really see the problem here?


GSh23L is the best gun in the game currently after the AKAN 30mm’s on drakens and viggens. And yet, we can see Defyn’s videos how he just manages to crit a draken that keeps flying with such gun on the yak38m video, and then with the F-5e the Draken tanks a missile, puts the fire out and keeps flying. I’ve been killed multiple times by drakens I’ve managed to stall out or shoot point blank. This wasn’t the case before the j35a oversold. Before even NR30s would nuke any kite with a single shot. And now NR30s tickle them and snap wings on other aircraft while akan 30 would disintegrate your plane with 1 hit and turn it into a ball of fire while gsh23l has a delete parent function; it doesn’t set fires, it doesn’t deal damage, it simply tears away the component it touches and the hierarcy it has attached to it. If you hit with 1 bullet the right aileron, the right aileron goes away. If you hit the wingtip, the wingtip will go away. If you hit the wing root, the aileron, the flap and the wingtip will go away because the whole wing is torn away. If you hit the center of the plane it is either cutting it in half, or straight up pilot snipe. Vulcan now behaves the exact same way, one single bullet will cut in half or pilot snipe, which is funny because m39’s and vulcan have the very exact same bullet, despite the cartridge of the vulcan is a little larger having 10m/s more propellant speed.

Since when has this been happening? I haven’t been on for 2 weeks?

short after la royale. After apex predators the drakens would get so many holes they wouldn’t lift at all, now they tank a sparrow and fly fine.

There are no current issues with the J35 FM or cannons in general. In fact they are performing just about better than they ever have in the history of the game.

this is just wrong.
you’re hitting them with very few rounds which have been completely screwed over by real shatter.
and you showed this in the second video where it died because you didnt just hit it with 2 rounds

this is after realshatter, using a HEF only belt, and i don’t think that over 60 rounds on a stalled out target is “few rounds”

that’s the point, the issue is that they’re too good.

I was talking about cannons…