J35 Draken problem

at 10.3 with no flares it’s just too much and with the up tiers to 11.3? this thing is unplayable i think it should be sent to 9.7 or 9.3 which means the J35A should be lowered to 9.0 or 8.7 i don’t know why these vehicles are so high in BR, like the only good thing about them which is their performance is literally useless be cause of how over tiered they are. as for the J35XS idk tbh might be good at 10.3

what are you smoking?


the a32 is at 9.0

J35D can go 10.0 maybe but no lower than that, 4x24j at 9.7 would be pretty not fun for anyone. J35A could be 9.3 but no lower cuz supersonic and stuff. J35XS can stay where it is tho.

J35A 9.0 and J35D 10.0, J35XS 10.7. i think that’s how it should be.

Yeah Me 262C vs J35A?



Oh ye sure. Sweden mains in shambles yet again, not even bothering to look at the other nations that have shit that suffers even more than their stuff.
The problem at that br is the compression, counts for every single 9.0-11.0 vehicle now, regardless of nation

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They should stay where they are. All-aspect missile slingers and the whole 11.3+ vehicles need a raise in BR for decompression.

Name a nation. Italy, Japan, france suffer from the same issues. So yes sweden is not alone. Yet it doesent mean it should belike this.

When a F5(usa) can outurn a literal airbrake something is wrong. You shouldnt have to switch to full real to be able to utilise your aircrafts best qualities.

I hope you didnt imply that any of the J35s have all-aspect. Crap, even the JA37 dont have All-aspects and it mostly always faces all-aspects. Sure there is the skyflash but its only unlocked after suffering

I did not imply that any of them have all-aspect.
I said that aircraft that do have all-aspects should go up in BR, as well as 11.3+ vehicles.
This is to decompress the BRs below them, and so that the J35s have a better chance without making them face more inferior planes when they shouldn’t.

Well yes, indeed sweden is not alone, even the big three have aircraft thag get absolutely dunked on while at the same time having an attacker or two and a couple premiums that are busted af.
The F5C is a lazily implemented mess though, a bad example ( granted the most cancerous one too), it’s engines are too cold and it’s fm is over performing.
Still. Legacy aircraft suffer because of compression and instead of endlessly trying to drop or raise one thing at a time it may be a better idea to extend the top br range and work your way down from there en masse.

“Knuh knuh i can’t roll my head on my keyboard and win, knuh knuh knuh,…”
Commentary type.

Mirage IIIC is 10.3 for ages now, and is no better than J-35’s,… stop thinking to lower BR,… start ASKING TO DECOMPRESS BR.


I mean, just don’t afterburner the whole time, and try to dodge the missile more, this is an average issue with Sweden at this BR. We need more variants than just the ones we have, we need the Gustav and Johan versions, a strike, and updated fighter version respectively. The J35J has an absolutely fantastic array of missiles not yet in game, and when added to the game, could get the J35J to be a decently competitive fighter, with SARH missiles, AIM-9L’s, and high-speed and maneuverability, and I believe it has a gun targeting computer and the upgraded M/75 AKAN 30mm. I believe they are the Hughs Falcon missiles, but I’d have to check to see.

Edit: It is, it’s the RB-27/28, based on the AIM-4 falcon.

Apparently its model is already in the game files, just like the Strv 103 D, so yet another unreleased vehicle, be it TT or Premium.