J29D...how is it any good?

I want to like this jet, but I can’t wrap my head around the idea that it might actually be competitive in the game. It’s at 8.7 BR, but doesn’t have any missiles - not even MCLOS. It doesn’t have tracers, so using the guns is complete guesswork. No other nation has this problem, so you’re at a big disadvantage against everyone you face. It only has rockets for ground attack ordinance, which is even more guesswork. Not that it matters, since it faces radar-directed AA that would shred it before it could get in range to use rockets or guns.

It’s supposedly maneuverable, but it doesn’t appear to hold any records in that department. I found several other jets at its BR with a better turn circle. Due to its high wings, I think, it seems to turn off center, which adds difficulty to leading a target. One would hope that a jet, particularly a premium, would at least have an advantage in some area to offset all of its disadvantages, but I’m not finding anything.

I can only test its flight characteristics in a test flight; against opponents who don’t react. Would anyone care to explain to me what I’m missing that makes the jet worthwhile?

its basically a Upgraded A29A, with a Afterburner and 30mm cannons. Its VERY hard to use this vehicle id rather get the J29F that can at least spray enemy’s, and gets two mid IR missiles.

Only strategy I know / have seen is to head on foolish players and hope to god that it connects. unless ur facing anything Italian’s or British then try to run or desperately stall for time.

Someone please explain to me in which world J29D is 8.7… Makes no sense. This is most useless plane for its br. Totally waste of money. It should be 8.0.

Let me seal club everythings below 8.0BR jets such as F84G with my J29D.

That makes no sense. Have you ever play the game?

I have my own J29D since when the matchmaker was separated from BR 9.7 to below and 10.0 BR and higher.

I still take my J29D for fun sometimes and have a pretty decent KD with it. You seem to have a negative K/D (0.22) with the J29D, which could be due to not knowing how to aim an Akan m/55 30mm cannon without a tracer, or because you are ground main and not even good at Jet RB games to begin with.

It’s literally skill issue.

Yeah plane is so good it soo good you have master it to avoid all the nonsense matchmaking with 8.7. I dont play air but when I have to play I dont play J29D because always bottom br always get shoot by better planes.

I am happy you enjoy this but, this planes make no sense in this br with this money. There are better much better planes. Dont buy it.

If you have a problem with learning a plane, that’s a skill issue, if you want something point and click go play the A-10 or SU-25K.

or if they want a blatantly overpowered plane go with the mig-19 that goes supersonic and dunks on almost everything.

Or just go play anything British lol, I don’t get why players want point and click planes, it isn’t any fun

This guy about to buy a plane that makes zero fun for most players. And you guys just trolling. Great job.

When compared to aircraft in the same BR, the J29D has the performance to compete on equal terms with other 8.7BR/9.0BR aircrafts such as 50cal Sabres and MiG-15bis. Also, “suffer when you get the up-tier game” point is literally invalid, as it applies to almost every vehicle except the current BR12.0.

I really recommend that you become a decent player before you shelve your own skill issues and post ridiculous things on the forum.

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Even though I play WT nearly every day, I still consider myself a casual gamer. The friends I play with aren’t comfortable in air battles, so I don’t get as much time in planes as I might like. I have planes of every nation, and up and down the ranks, so I rarely get to spend time with any particular plane. The J29D falls in the BR range that I probably enjoy most, however.

Anytime I get into the seat of a plane, there is a period where I have to refamiliarize myself with its capabilities and limitations. I have to relearn things like its wing rip speeds, where it has compression issues, its energy performance, and gun velocity. Depending on the plane, that might only take one battle, others can take a few (I’m looking at you, F4D-1.)

When I look at the J29D, you get an additional issue that is only found on a very few, very Swedish, jets: no tracers. On top of all the other things a player has to refamiliarize themselves with when they get into the cockpit, they have to, somehow, figure out the gun velocity and aim of the jet with nothing to guide them. I have the J35A, so I have some experience with this issue, even though I don’t have the J29D. Learning how to lead the guns isn’t something you can do in a few battles, let alone one. As far as I can tell, these are aircraft that you have to commit to, and play singularly for extended periods in order to get the feel for their guns. Making shots will forever be a matter of guesswork, unless your opponent gives you a head-on, or is kind enough to fly straight while you’re on their tail.

When I look back on my original post, this was what I was considering when trying to decide whether to purchase the plane. I could test its flight performance well enough, and highlighted the issues I readily saw. The plane’s handling isn’t bad, but it does have some quirks that take getting used to. I can’t test the guns in test flight, however, because the AI only gives you that “flying straight for the enemy” experience that doesn’t tell me anything.

Which brings me to the question that haunts me with the J35A, as well. “If no other jet has this issue at this BR, what do the Swedish jets offer that offsets the problem?” In my mind, for them to be balanced against other jets at the BR, they should have something. If their performance is within the range that they are on par with other aircraft, the guesswork of aiming is a liability that puts them at a disadvantage. Based on my testing of the aircraft, I don’t see anything to suggest a performance improvement to offset that disadvantage. Were it me, I’d reduce the BR a smidge to compensate.

Thanks to everyone that has provided feedback regarding the plane. As much as I like the look of them, I opted against buying it during the limited time it was on sale. The time I get with which to play any particular jet made me decide that I wouldn’t likely have a good experience with it. The comments you’ve provided will come back into the equation the next time it becomes available, I’m sure.

Sure budy.

However, you can still learn how to aim with that gun by shooting against players in custom battles. That’s actually what I used to do years ago when learnn the stealth belt on my F-2 Sabre, and while I haven’t touched that belt recently, those exercises were quite useful when I used to play the F-2 Sabre a lot.

Also, if you have no experience with the NATO 30mm cannons, you can still learn how to aim their guns with J34 before playing J29D. The Swedish Hawker Hunter has tracers for somehow.

Good points, WheelchairGamer. I would have to buy the jet to use it in custom battles, though. I do use custom battles once in a while for this purpose. Often, it’s to refresh my muscle memory on systems that I don’t get much practice with (ex. laser guidance.) A little time in custom battles before venturing into a regular match keeps me from looking like a “total” noob.

Also, thanks for the tip on the J34! I don’t have it yet - the J35A didn’t offer the accelerated tech tree grind I had hoped for, so I’m only up to about 5.3 BR with Swedish air. I’ll try to keep that in mind when I catch up, though.