J21A-1 sure but J21A-2 & A21A-3 and their engines should not overheat so easily

In every report I’ve found I’ve only ever seen that the J21A-1 had problems with cooling on the ground, This was fixed by quote:

“The cooling during ground operation was provided by a fan in each wing, which, via a special gearbox, was powered by the aircraft engine when the landing gear was deployed.” - Stig Hertze - Arboga Elektronikhistoriska Förening

The J 21A-2 (series 2 & 3) succeeded the A-1 on the production line in Trollhättan, and around the turn of the year 1946/47, the first planes were delivered to the Air Force. They now had a more sophisticated cooling flap system, partly designed by Flygmotor. The planes also received an artificial horizon system, and the nose-mounted 20mm cannon was of type m/45 (Bofors). The sight was a K-14 type (automatic reflector sight).

The final version, A-3 (series 4 & 5), was prefixed with A (also B) and was primarily intended for attack and bombing missions. The J 21A never became successful as a pure fighter aircraft. However, the A 21A-3 performed well within the attack units. Deliveries began in the autumn of 1947, and the version remained in active service until decommissioning in the summer of 1954. Armament and equipment were the same as for the A-2, but in addition, bomb and rocket payloads could be carried. The K-14 reflector sight was supplemented with a BT 9 bombsight (SAAB). Additionally, the aircraft could be equipped with two disposable take-off rockets (type 500/14-2) mounted under the tail booms.

Fun fact
The Fastest recorded Speed in the J21 was recorded to be near 900km/h! however this was in a prototype J21 stripped of any armament. Additionally it was among one of the first aircraft to be equipped with a ejection seat.


I flew the J21 A-1 when it was introduced to wt on my inactive account.
At BR 3.0 in Air RB. The overheating is not really an issue if you use MEC.

Quite soon the solution was clear - reduce prop pitch to 75%, open radiators to 50% and you can fly with infinite WEP usage without overheating.

You don’t have to trust me - watch this video:

And go to time stamp 7:29 to see the J21 mentioned…

Neat, i just wish the devs would make it automatic

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Imho they don’t care. A lot of planes have obviously wrong settings for AEC - and reports by passionate players like @MOBB were simply ignored.

Not really a fun fact, but still a mystery: You can adjust prop pitch in all foreign aircraft using the DB 601-605 engines. If you try this whilst using the same engine in a German plane you kill the engine due to overrev. The “German airbrake” works just with 0% throttle.

I fly basically all of my planes with MEC…

It depends if it was automatic IRL. As the German’s have automatic engines settings model in game.