感谢 [IsurusOxyrinchus]的整理,新的issue已经通过了,同时包含了RWR和雷达问题,欢迎去新的issue下面支持

[DEV] J-11A Combined Avionics Bug Report // Gaijin.net // Issues

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thank you ,The new issue has been acknowledged. This includes both RWR and radar issues. Welcome to the new issue for support
[DEV] J-11A Combined Avionics Bug Report // Gaijin.net // Issues
[DEV] J-11A Combined Avionics Bug Report // Gaijin.net // Issues

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升级 N001V


I’m quite interested about the second image, it’s a SU27SK getting a new radar? It actually is not a J11A MLU or something later since they don’t have wing tip hard points yet. Is it possible to verify the radar type instead of comparing photos? I understand they are active aircrafts and data are hard to access, but any possible books suggesting the upgrade or books on the radar?

This is the J11A that has undergone ARH modification but not MAWS modification, and the radar has been replaced with the N001VE of the same model as SU30MKK. This aircraft is equipped with an russian L-005 or chinese RKL-700 electronic interference pod in wing tip.

Yes the MAWS are absent and EIP are what seem to make it a J11A. Does that however change the paint work as the J11A has two straps of colour protruding the dark colour of the nose. Does this happen also on the new radar ones?

Actually, the first picture is of the SU30 series, pay attention to the two person cockpitthe and tail wings.

And the second picture, judging from the tail wing, it is the SU27 series, which has been modified to use the same radar model.

Due to China’s naming strategy, the modified aircraft are not referred to as new models, they are all called 歼11(SU27SK/J11/J11A/J11A-MLU),although they have undergone significant changes in functionality.
Therefore, it is very difficult to find proof of modification on book, and the answer can only be obtained through visual observation.

Can we identify the radar model is N001V from appearance? This can be used as new evidence.

That is what I was asking, whether the two straps of protruding colours can help us identify the different models of 歼11A.


I think:
Produced in Russia → SU27SK
Produced in Shenyang → J11
SK/J11 upgrade → J11A (unofficial name)
Part of J11A upgrade → MLU (unofficial name)

It can only be judged from the missiles and equipment carried.Painting can indeed determine the aircraft of various years, but this picture is not clear and cannot distinguish the painting

N001VE可以同時锁2个 N001只有锁1个

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You can see two straps of protruding colours into the nose and the same could be seen on the J11A carrying R77, I am wondering if we can find a different angle to see if J11As with different radars have the same feature?

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