J-8B Is Absolute Trash : Skill Issue, Balance and Missiles

Not much for me to say but the J-8B is actual trash, this may be me having a major skill issue but I honestly believe this thing is sad. There is little to no redeeming factor of the J-8B unlike the J-7E and the flight platform or the F-4E with multirole capabilities.

The F-4E sits at the exact same battle rating with GBUs, 4x Sparrows (2x on the J-8B) and generally a heavier payload.

  • My KDR in the J-7E is 2.39
  • My KDR in the J-7D is 2.46
  • My KDR in the J-8B is 0.83 (may be due to stock grind being painful, still haven’t got everything)


This thing either needs to go down to 10.7 or receive the PL-5E missile (all-aspect PL-5B).


Glad another pity man realized the bloody truth XD

I only do well enough in it because for me, I get constant downtiers to 10,3 where you can just play at high alt and radar missile people who usually dont have chaff at that br