J7E currently does not have a radar, but only a radar range finder, any ideas why? Both in game and IRL, since the J7D does posses a radar be it bad, surely they haven’t reverse upgraded it?

J-7E is an upgraded J-7II and has nothing to do with J-7D.
J-7D/J-7IIIA is an upgraded J-7C/J-7III (MiG-21MF Copy) and has nothing to do with J-7II.
J-7II is a modified J-7I which is modified J-7 Basic (MiG-21F Copy).

You can actually use it for missile slaving so that’s neat


Yes I understand that they are different upgrades, but J7E does come after J7D, and it is a complete overhaul of aerodynamics with double delta wings. So the reason for it not carrying radar is due to the original air intake.
Also just another question, why do chinese J7s turn faster than Russian ones or German ones? J7D has exact same aerodynamics.

The original air intake really didn’t leave all that much space for a comprehensive radar suite.

But why does J7D have faster turn time than Mig21BIS by 13 seconds?

Does it? Or is it just the stat card?

Because I wouldn’t really trust the stat cards on that too much.

Well it does turn a lot faster than Mig21s from russia. I could do a test with Mig 21SK later, let’s see.
I could see why J7E has fast turn time, since it has double delta wings, but J7D shouldn’t.

Actually I can’t do it, the speed retention is so bad I can’t even turn around without dropping to like 400km/h I did 180 degrees at 7000 metres starting with 1100km/h.
The J7D completed the turn in 12.5s and Mig21 S in 16.2s.
I also tested on J7II which took 15.2s
J7E could do it in 12 as well even though I got blackout for overload as the speed retention was actually good enough to do that.

J-7D is modified MiG-21MF copy. Compare it with a spaded MiG-21MF.

I don’t have it :)

Mig 21 MF has 35 second turn time, J7D 26 second.