J-7D Should be 10.7 or get PL-8 and moved to 11.3

The J-7D is a very fun to play and is one of my fav jets in the game, but there’s a severe issue compared to the aircraft it has to fight in it’s BR bracket, it doesn’t have all-aspect missiles when so many aircraft at that br do, AIM9Ls, Fox-2s (R-24s, AIM-7s), and R-60MK are all-angle capable missiles and can attack the J-7D from ANYWHERE. Don’t get me wrong, the PL-5B and PL-7 are absolutely awesome missiles, but they’re flare hungry and are rear aspect which means you have to catch up to your enemy and get close enough to where the missile wont react to a flare dump. This wouldn’t be a problem if there weren’t 3 other aircraft homing in at the times you do this, this is the ONLY thing holding this plane back from being a competitive top-tier premium

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Immediately thought this was a J-7E post but no, fully support the lower BR as it would fit perfectly fine at 10.7 and not really club as much as what some other contemporaries do.

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Well, I bought the J7D on the birthday sale , but, I desperately wanted the mig 23 ml, afraid that only these jets would be on sale (Mirage , J35 and the J7D) , I bought it and, I’ve been suffering, and when the Christmas sale arrived and I saw that the Mig was at a discount, I regretted it instantly. Of course it’s not a bad plane, I stopped my grind on the J8 because I simply can’t make progress during the games. But, I don’t know what would be better, changing the missiles or lowering its BR, there are problems on both points.

I would love more things for my 9.7 flareless jets to fight!.. especially ones with 30g missiles that have little tell!