J-7D : IFF, Powercreep and RWR

IFF Subject:

Hey! Recently I’ve bought the J-7D (don’t question why) and decided to do some research into the aircraft out of interest (I like my MiG-21s). I’m a man who enjoys playing simulator and the one thing this aircraft lacks in-game is a IFF, I decided to go on the internet and look into this subject and discovered the radar the J-7D carries does indeed have IFF.

RP-21MA radar was examined but failed to impress, and a derivative of the existing Type 317A radar repackaged and reworked for the J-7C with some additional air-air features including IFF integration. Five ECCM features were present on the radar, and for the first time in China had built in connections to a ground based test system. The electronics were reworked with integrated circuits”



  • A/A Detection range: 30km
  • A/A Tracking range: >15km
  • Operating Height: >700m
  • Antenna: gain 30dB, beamwidth 3.4 ° (azimuth) × 5.6 ° (pitch), horizontal polarization
  • Transmitter: magnetron, peak power 75kW
  • Receiver: three-channel monopulse receiver
  • Noise factor: 6.5dB
  • IF frequency: 60MHz
  • Rangefinder: double integral, accuracy 15m (350 ~ 2000m range)
  • Display: storage tube display, B-type and tracking symbols
  • Power supply: AC: 115V, 400Hz, 10A, DC: 27V, 10A
  • Volume: 0.23m3
  • Weight: 115kg (with cable)
  • MTBF: 50h

Fun fact the OLDER MiG-21s including the MiG-21SPS have IFF which I find hilarious, the modernised J-7D apparently is “inferior” radar wise in-game

Vehicle Performance in Todays Meta:

The J-7D and J-7E are currently the only aircraft at 11.0 without any head-on capabilities, the vehicles themself are great but the missiles being carried can hold the vehicle back (the PL-5B are pretty decent though). My simple solution would be the addition of the PL-5E which is basically a PL-5B with a Python 3 seeker.


Incorrect RWR Model:

Currently in-game the Type 930-4 RWR is a four directional RWR, but according to the two source, it should be omnidirectional (360°).

“However, considering that there were still a few J-7Ds in service or even conducting air combat exercises in 2013, it seems that it should not lack omnidirectional RWR. Moreover, according to the newly added sources, even the J-7C has omnidirectional RWR and no visible sensors. Perhaps the sensors of the LJ-2 RWR were integrated into the antenna, And the J-7D still uses its forward sensor

This Topic Can Also Relate To The J-7E In-Game!

Basically a bunch of things are modelled incorrectly on this aircraft and just feels rushed, hopefully this can bring attention to this issue or I might be completely wrong. Feel free to post additional information about the J-7D below!


This seeker has nothing to do with Python 3. It is a multi-element seeker, which is much more advanced than Python 3 and has super anti-interference.


Product introduction

The PL5E-II air-to-air missile is an enhanced third-generation close-range combat air-to-air missile. It uses two-color multi-element detectors, missile-borne computers and laser fuze technologies, and has excellent anti-interference capabilities, omnidirectional attack capabilities and good detection capabilities. System features: fire-and-forget capability; laser proximity fuze; infrared two-color multi-element seeker; high-energy fragmentation warhead. Aircraft platforms: Xiaolong, J-7 series, J-8 FII, FBC-1, L-15, etc.

The main parameters

Pneumatic layout: duck type;

Maximum detection distance: 16 Km;

Maximum flight speed: 3 M;

Maximum overload: 35g;

Bullet diameter: 127mm;

Bullet length: 2893mm;

Wingspan: 617mm.

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Well there is still no data on 930-4 RWR
Without any detailed information it is unlikely to get changed

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I’m talking about the PL-5E not the PL-5E II, I just used the image since I couldn’t find actual images for the PL-5E.

Most likely the case unfortunately, there are many features which the J-7D and J-7E lack. For example the J-7E should have a HMS (not sure if the J-7D had it) but lacks it in-game.

Well there is still no data on 930-4 RWR
Without any detailed information it is unlikely to get changed

I’d say Gaijin lacks actual information to make the RWR of the J-7D 4 directional, not sure where they pulled that from. It would make more sense to copy it from a already existing Chinese RWR instead of a Soviet one.

And many sources already state that the J-7D had IFF for the radar, it was pretty decent in real life with the first radar in Chinese service with datalink.