J-7d having pl-8

I’m pretty new to the forums but in the warthunder wiki it says that the j-7d featured the new JL-7A radar that was capable of launching the latest PL-8. I just wanted to know if this was true. If this is true why has it not been implemented in the game just asking.


The F-4E can carry the AIM-9M and did operationally. Do you think it should have it right now in game?

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Wait where you the same guy who responded in Reddit??

the radar has nothing to do with an IR missile…
also… the PL-8 would bump up that premium POS br to a possible 11.7

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But documents say that the j-7d did have the pl-8

i dont remember arguing against that

Yeah but I just wanted to confirm
If it would be theoretically possible for the j-7d to get at least some form of all aspects. The Pl-5c might do but it says nothing in the documents. And it might not go up to 11.7 just because it got pl-8’s. Max br is prob 11.3. The j-8f is only 11.7 because it gets fox-3’s or gaijin knew it was going to get fox 3’s which the j-7d has none of.

the j-7d is a glorified mig-21 and you want to give it all aspects at a br where SARH and soon ARH spam will be prevalent.
let the poor thing live where it can breathe.
the last thing we need is more premium players with oneclap missiles


fully incorrect with no basis in reality

And we got a 12.0 F-5 coming this update? I’ve used the PL-8s and so far its not much of a game changer compared to the AIM-9M and other missiles alike, it would most likely be 11.3 instead.

The issue is the airframe, which already is a 10.3 one at 11.0.

Just give it two PL-5C for balance

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J-7D is really fine at its BR.
The issues are BR compression and some MiG-21s are undertiered like MiG-21SMT/MF and J-7E.