J-11 lacks chinese equipment

Personally, i was really looking foward to the Air sup update, and it did not disappoint me(Su-27 is my fav fighter, and F-15 is my second fav american fighter). However, what did disappoint me was that the J-11, my country’s air addition to the game, was basicly an inaccurate direct ripoff of the Su-27. I am aware it is a license produced version of the su-27, but in reality it uses quite some chinese equipment. E.g. the PL-8, PL-9 and PL-12 which need to be added.


yes, I want PL8 and PL9. R73 too short range

however, I don’t think this is an urgent issue because there are many follow-up improvements to the J11, and the game may equip these upgraded versions of the j11 with PL series missiles in the future

The version of J-11 in game is the Su-27SK and it doesn’t have any domestic chinese armament. J-11B should be the one you look foward to.


People don’t read into things, they just see the “J11” and the armament and think every model should get it.


Unless you’re taking a really long ranged IR shot, the R-73 is vastly superior to the python. Besides, you have 27ETs for that.

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why u need PL-8 when u get R-73 already?

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The J-11A and J-11B carried Chinese armament, not the J-11 (its literally a SU-27SK).


i originally thought the original J-11 had chinese weapons(from wikipedia) so i wanted these chinese missiles to be added but turns out the original has no chinese weapons, only later developments do

Now i know. sorry for the misundestanding

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You see the first mistake you made was, you looked at Wikipedia, and in particular as a reliable source, which if you are looking for reliable information you should very much should not do.

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Wiki is only good for getting already public information, anything like J-11s and their ordinances I’d recommend other sources. You’re good though, I’ve said silly things on the forums before you’re not alone lol.

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Very much this - J-11B wipes the floor with the all other SU-27 variants.

I don’t think that is right, J-11B doesn’t even have the AESA radar that makes the Chinese flankers better in everyone’s mind, I prefer the Russian variants since they got TVC.

try J11BG

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Yeah the J-11BG is the actual good J-11B, it gets PL-10, PL-15, AESA

I wasn’t referring to the radar, more the raw performance. AESA is great don’t get me wrong but it’s not the be all and end all.