I've lost maybe 10 or 12 ARB matches in a row. Is this just how it is?

It might actually be more, I lost count somewhere I’m pretty sure. I’m trying to grind out the US aviation tree and I’m 4.0 BR, and every time I try to climb so that I don’t get boom and zoomed by a Fw-190 my team gets decimated before I hit 3.5km, usually in a big fur ball somewhere around 500m above the ground.

Is this just a US a thing? I’m open to the possibility that by me climbing I’m absent from the fight, and am the reason my teams are losing, but also I’m in a P-51 and I’m just gonna be cannon fodder in those 500m 15 plane dog fights. Would it be less painful to switch to a different nation?

I’ve been playing for the last 4 hours, still no win! I was regularly getting 3 or 4 kills at 3.0 BR, I’m not sure what happened since but I’m absolutely terrible now.

I just checked your stats…37% win ration in ARB is in fact lower than i expected…

Are you playing always the same nation? I am assuming you are playing a Nation/BR combo that loses more than average…
If so…you can either change or “accept” you are the underdog…
Either that or you are on a bad luck losing streak…(even so…37% seems a bit low)

Unless you’re playing the rare allied vs axis matches these days (particularly pacific maps), then it doesn’t seem to be a “USA thing”, as in ARB you’ll be matched up with random nations vs other random nations for each game. Even USA vs USA (with other nations also on both sides) too.

I get similar games in a row – and that’s even with changing several steps of BRs and different nations too.

(My longest losing streak has been 30+ games (over a few days), but that was many years ago when it was allied vs axis, or alternative history).

…a lack of experience on your part.

You simply progressed way too fast without gaining experience regarding basic things in prop Air RB:

  1. How to play in general
  2. How to get crew points in order to have better crew experience
  3. Relative and absolute positioning vs enemies
  4. etc, etc.

It boils down that you can’t expect too much from yourself if you haven’t the necessary tools based on experience. Playing a 4.3 F4U-4 with roughly 100 matches in to total in Air RB is a programmed disaster.

You might post your goals why you are playing Air RB so that you get helpful hints how to get there.

Possibly as US teams in prop Air RB have a certain reputation…

You can check Air RB win rates with this tool: