It's fixed! №84

Today, we’ll be going over some of the core fixes and quality of life improvements that we’ve worked on during the past 2 weeks, including from the update released today. Thank you for all of the reports you’ve created and the feedback that you’ve left!

If you’ve found a bug that you’d like to report, you can do so on our community bug reporting platform.

Tank autoloaders see some important fixes

We’ve fixed a number of issues relating to the reloading process of tank autoloaders. For example, autoloader reloading took longer than normal, as well as the autoloader reloading even though the first-stage ammo stowage was empty.

One of the main problems that we’ve fixed with autoloaders involved the inability to fire even though a shell was loaded into the gun.

The chance of getting into a night battle has been increased

Earlier this month, we added the option to enable night battles for Ground Realistic Battles, where participating in them allows you to earn sweet night-themed rewards for mission score. As mentioned previously, enabling night battles and queueing for them would put you into two queues, for night and day.

We’ve realized that the chance of getting a night battle was a bit too low, so last week we tweaked the matchmaking algorithm slightly, meaning you’ll now have more of a chance to get into a night battle!

Auto camouflage option tweaked

For years, there’s been an option for automatic camouflage selection for camouflages that you own, this automatic selection depends on the map type. This option is useful so you don’t end up using a snow camo on a non-snow map for example. However, this option didn’t take into account camouflages that had been purchased from the Gaijin Market.

Thanks to some feedback, we’ve adjusted the algorithm to take this into account. Now, when using the automatic camouflage option in battle, the priority is given to Market camouflages that are suitable for a given map.

Quality of Life improvements to the Service Record

The Service Record on your profile is a handy place to see important statistics of vehicles that you’ve used in battles. Over the years, hundreds of vehicles have been added and the Service Record hasn’t quite caught up.

We’ve now added a search bar to this area as well as an additional option to filter by vehicle rank. Amongst the hundreds or even thousands of vehicles that you’ve played with, you’ll finally be able to find the exact one you want with a quick search in seconds!

There’s more!

The full list of bug fixes and improvements are in each Update note below. Here’s a couple of other changes and fixes: when using the air alert radio command in ground battles, allies will have an aircraft icon displayed on their compass. And, switching to ACM and HMD modes for radars on the F-16C Block 50, F-16D Block 40 Barak II, Mirage 2000-5F and J-8F now works in the same way as the radars on all MiG-29s and on the Yak-141.

Once again, many thanks for all your bug reports that you submitted using our special service.


I think the more suitable thing here would be to add an ability to sellect a camouflage to be used in the auto mode. Many tanks have multiple cammos for any map, and as many of them are, as many are players that like one of them over the others. Adding ability to prioritize a certain camouflage for a certain type of a map would ba a good change, that i think most will agree to. Lets make a scenario. There are 2 guys that own the same cammos. One of them want to have lest say bicolor camouflage on the forest maps, while the other want the marketplace cammo. They both use auto. Before this they would both get bicolor, now they will both get the marketplace one. Ability to choose which one to set as a default would remove all those problems.


show the reload time for autoloader / first stage ammo stowage in hangar x-ray

and do something about the absolutely nonsensical reload values … Object 775 reloads 25kg ATGM into autoloader in 3 seconds, M53/59 can replace two 85kg ammo containers in less than 10 seconds, but VCC-80/60 needs 20 seconds to put one 60mm shell into autoloader? Can we please get less stupid reload values?


“balance” no doubt.

These seem to never actually fix anything of note these days

Object 775 may use a similar system as M1128 Stryker MGS.

Yet there is a massive difference in game

Oh and pls give stryker its proper side arc gun depression thanks