IT'S BEEN A MONTH! XBOX account transferred to PC, how long does it take for gaijin to be processed?

It’s been a month, and I’m gradually losing patience with this incident, can anyone tell me about why it’s taking so long to transfer my XBOX account to PC now? It hasn’t been completed for a month, and the customer service has only replied to this paragraph, and there has been no response until now

Things are done entirely manually. They need to activate every vehicle you have unlocked by hand, make sure your SL is correct, etc.
And it’s done in the order it’s received.
So it’s not Gaijin’s fault things are slow, it’s just the way it is.
So patience is key.


I mean they could program a system that helps with that.

I mean you could also ask for specific people about that, … maybe @Stona_WT or @gromvoiny

But everything account related goes by the Gaijin Platform, so you better create second ticket and link the previous one in it.

Btw, asking it nicely might improve your delay, by significant margin,… as we all can in your screenshot, it was rather harsh demand of your (“hurry up” thingy is alike talking to your dog to come at your feets,… so being ignorant that there is real person behind, and not dog, or even a snail)

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I see, then it’s no wonder it’s so slow, it seems that many players are doing it too, thank you dude

I have no issues, since I am not impacted by this being a slow and manual process. I just presented a thing, that could help those in need, which contradicts your statement, that Gaijin can’t do anything about this issue, which is just trivially wrong.

ok, maybe it was rude for me to say to the customer service, and although I was really anxious to buy some kind of discounted package at the time

It’s not my statement,… my statemeent is that you’ve been set as last people to be done, because of how unnice you’re.

I also said that People here won’t be able to help you.

However i miss target to who i should respond too,…

It’s not anymore. They have automated a lot of it. It’s apparently 10x faster now. The delay is down to the requestors not responding, not being ready, otherwise delaying the process with questions etc. We just have to be patient and understanding. Also make sure that your account is ready to be transferred at all times so you can just say yes the minute support asks you if you’re ready to go.

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Mine took about a week so idk.

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Are they really automated? but I waited for a month, except for the customer service reply telling me to wait for the information that the ticket was transferred to the relevant personnel, there has been no news so far, and I have also prepared the operation of transferring the account according to the official steps in advance

The faster automated bit isn’t the waiting list which is what you are on now. The automated bit is the actual transfer. Once they start working on your account, it should be just a few days.