It’s been 5 months from the release of the F-15 and we still don’t have the real, proper model of the AN/APG 63. Gaijin please. Are you guys scared because it has the AIM 7’s. Why does it take soo long?
No TWS? Kinda popo radar lock. The radar of the F-16 is better and it is smaller.

Development takes time, and TWS won’t make F-15 stronger.

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maybe you haven’t figured it out yet, these are russians you’re dealing with. they dont care.


The F-15 is strong enough. Only thing holding it back is the sparrow. TWS would make it more complete. And the radar should be much more powerful than the F-16

So that’s why Su-27 has too much drag to compensate for its too much thrust making it a worse dogfighter than it is IRL.
Or the Mig-29’s engines consuming more fuel than War Thunder claims.

Then again, you’re out here defending the Russians on other topics, so it makes sense you do that here as well.

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Bro what?