ItPsV 90 | The completely wrong vehicle

As the title kinda speaks the entire speil I’m about to write, there’s not a real reason for you to read this, but complain enough until gaijin fixes/adds the proper one to the game.

The ItPsV 90, it’s loved by most, and feared by aircraft and tanks alike. It’s a lovely SPAA, with great mobility, and stabilizers. Great ammo choices, and dispite the DM-13 being a “anti armor” belt as well as the DM-23 belts, DM-13 is better as anti air because it blows the aircraft up from the inside (no, this is not an innuendo), leading to missing wings and control surfaces. This thing is an absolute menace to everything, essentially, if it drive’s, the turret will fly, if it fly, it goes goodbye. But one thing is completely incorrect. It’s not even the ItPsV 90. The true ItPsV 90 is built on the T-55 chassis with slightly lower mobility and armor. The one in game is not the ItPsV 90 at all, but rather an upgrade for the turret to be fitted to the Leopard 2 hull, hence getting the Finnish name “Leopard 2 Marksman” just like the British “Cheiftain Marksman.” As what we have in the game is not the ItPsV 90 either we need the right one in the game, or the name properly changed. Thank you!

Here are images of the same system on the different hull’s with proper designation:

ItPsV 90:


Leopard 2 Marksman:


(P.S. - if you really love the Leo. 2 Marksman, tell gaijin to add the little mudflaps on the front. Lol.)


There needs to be more of these sorts of threads, highlighting the multiple platforms that accept those systems and make those variants.

Mainly because I want to see more SPAA options… Definitely need more SPAA everywhere. In all trees, and more at the higher end of the tech trees.


I hate to be this guy, but this should be in the Machinery of War section of the forum. The only reason I bring this up is because I have seen an uptick of posts like this get closed and a note being left mentioning the Machinery of War section.

That aside, that would be cool to have the T-55 chassis version. I love using the radar guided gun SPAA.

Fixed :D

Lets get the proper ItPsV 90 in game then!