Italy should get the Sepecat Jaguar

The Uk and French tech tree currently have the Sepecat Jaguar. That being said Italy in real life also has Jaguars in its Air Force, I do believe they have an air wing but it may just be a couple. So, that being said I was wondering if the Jaguar will get added to the Italian tree.

Do you have a source?

I’ve never heard of Italy using the Jaguar and from what I can find, operators were:

  • France
  • Britain
  • India (still in service)
  • Oman
  • Nigeria
  • Ecuador

Not saying the sources i’ve found are 100% accurate, but just curious if you can share more.

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I did read some stuff wrong, I read about the IAF (India)

But im pretty sure I read something about Italy as well, although it may have been only training and Italy does not have Jaguars…that being said it would still be cool :)

Yeah, its entirely possible they tested them. and perhaps. Though I think Italy has some other interesting strike aircraft they could and should get instead.


yeah that’s true