Italy should get leopard2HU

Now the top mbts of Italy is so weak. With the better 120l55 gun, leopord2a7v still has much much better armor than Ram AMV. I don’t know how can Italy fight in the top tier with just Ram AMV. Its armor is just like Leopord1 !!! Even 3bm22 can easily attack is main armor…


Italy can never be competitive at top tier because anyone masochistic enough to play thru the whole tech-tree is very good at the game


centauro 2, hun leo2a7 and later on c2 ariete and leo2a8. but that all requires patience.


Sadly Gaijin doesn’t want to fix Ariete’s armour. Its protection should be comparable to the Leopard 2A4


will centauro 2 be at 11.7?

Truth, its armor just like leopard1…

Agreed, Ariete’s armor in the game is nothing like in reality. But Gaijin only restored their weight but not their real protection. I have no hope for Ariete anymore, and if leopard2a7HU misses this update, Italy will become completely unplayable.

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What are you saying? I cannot hear through the Roman marches blasting through my ears.
Ps: I mean not really, there are those who are also obsessed with Italian vehicles or other aspects, like their culture, or those who are Italian and express their sense of patriotism through Italy.

Ariete should get its armor fixed, especially now when it’s got weight fix (including armor kits).
For example, “WAR” kit which according to all available sources intended to protect against KE threats (apfsds) adds 5.5 t, in WT only adds 10-20 mm of protection, which is just ridiculous.

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In all fairness I prefer a fixed ariete over the 2A7HU, simply because I felt I would have more fun in it. Fix the optic to the same on the TURMS(albeit unhistorical), and fix the WAR kit, I would then feel like it is what I want over the 2A7HU.

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I want the fixed Ariete too, but I’m not hopeful anymore. I’m tempted to ask gaijin why the T72AV has 4x-12x TURMS while the Ariete uses 8x-12x. they should be the same and the Italian performance is worse. Not only that, but Ariete’s War kit weight has now reverted to 59.5t and it’s still not reverted in protection.

Well I prefer both XD and Centauro 2, but I play since 2013 and I understand that Gaijin doesn’t care about fixing Ariete tanks protection (there is still a hope of course on sanity and logic of at least someone in dev team, because at least someone shouldn’t ignore the fact that 5.5 t of armor intended to protect against KE shells can’t give such abysmal protection).
Unfortunately Italian playerbase is small and quiet compared to others. Gaijin prefer to get money from already popular USA/SU/Germany TTs and problems of smaller nations have much lower priority which leads to even bigger gap, for example: 0 squadron vehicles, no top tier premium mbt and etc.
2A7HU will at least give the tree a competitive top tier mbt, as even if they fix Ariete protection it still won’t be on par with new tops, so I’m definitely not against its addition, but can wait of course, especially since it will probably create more hype in the update without new Big 3 top tier mbts, which can help with the main problem of Italy - a lack of players.
Though anyway let’s hope for New Year miracle regarding Ariete 🙏