Italy new premiums needed

Now that the Hungarian sub-tech tree is going to be added, Italy air and ground will be sought after and grinding with VRCC and F104S is not ideal at all. With the addition of the Hungarian arsenal, new premium opportunities arise, like a Hungarian Leopard 2a4 premium (like the German) or a Hungarian T72 premium (like the URSS) for ground, for air, even an Italian AV8 harrier premium (like USA), or even a Hungarian mig21 variant maybe MF ( real ) maybe Lazur-M (idk). i think these premiums or new ones would make the Italian grind easier and more enjoyable. yes the AMX international plane should be added, but as a premium, it’s so slow; please do not get things worse. Thank you for your attention, I hope you show Italy some love on the premium side just like you are doing on the tech trees (btw idk why the air tech tree still doesn’t have a Hungarian line). Also, I would like to ask, all the Hungarian camos that are present for German planes and tank, will they be added to Italy? moved or at least copied? thanks.

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You should hope for better Italian additions, because it still remains the Italian TT, the Hungarian one is a sub-tree, so it cannot be considered on par with the Italian one.
The F104S at 11.0 is overpowered should go back to 10.7, Italy only operated AV8B II-plus not previous versions, the AMX Ghibli has better speed than the SU-25 and A-10 (aircrafts with which it can be compared). Hungary only operated T-72M1s not better versions. As a potential premium Italy could have the Leonardo M60A3 Upgrade instead of another Leopard 2A4.

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I’m gonna share a secret with you. You don’t need premium vehicles to play the game. I know… Crazy right?

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not gonna waste months of my time just cause you think this game is viable as free to play, because, from my perspective, it is not.

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I use premium account. I wouldn’t waste my time without one. You can still get good progression using the regular vehicles.

yes the m60a3 would be a great premium indeed. but the f104s is still bad even at 10.7, people have 4 aim 9Ls at br 10. I think they should put it to 10.7 with the ability to carry the cannon with the sparrows

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The F104S at 10.7 avoids 12.0 and most games will be between 10.0/11.0 and in these conditions if you learn to use it it can be devastating.

low tier vehicles have pitiful rp multipliers, nothing compared to a premium one. if all vehicles multipliers and all rewards were equal to top tier I would agree

Don’t forget that you get RP bonuses for every tier of modules that you complete. Going down a tree and spading your vehicles is a very effective way of progressing through the game. And when you’re done, you’ll have a plethora of upgraded vehicles to play, along with the experience of playing different vehicles with different roles.

still it is 11.0 atm so there is no way I can face mig 29, f14b with aim9ps, new premiums would cost 70$ for a long time, so I would need to consider the f104s anyway, let’s see if we get a 50% sale in October. i hate that my console account still can’t be unlinked, I play PC from January and the service is down since a year ffs

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reaching the combat zone with prop planes is so boring, I have spaded a lot of Italian planes up to tier 4 then moved to premium f5c and su25k and researched the whole USA and USSR tech trees in less than 3 months, my small experience made the stock grind painful but I have a positive ratio with every single top tier plane I have touched and I enjoy supersonic jets much much more than ww2 stuff. my goal is not organically progress the game, it’s to get to top tier and play that. i prefer to have a 1000 hours on jets alone and gain my experience on my favorite top tier plane than getting through a boring grind in props and having maybe 1/10 of my play time in jets.

The matches are kinda lame these days with everybody using the same premiums. I miss the days when there was actually variety in the game.

Try out the M26 D.C. Ariete and the M60A1 D.C. Ariete.

They may not be the most interesting tanks out there, but there are quite solid and good for grinding.
I pretty much unlocked the whole of rank 5 and 6 with the help of the M60A1.

Also, with the upcoming November and December sales you can get them at a good price since they are GE vehicles.

I hope the M60A3 Leonardo gets added to the tech tree as a standard vehicle. I can tolerate it being a squadron vehicle, but as a premium it would deprive Italy from having a quite nice and unique MBT for all players.

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they are unable to research rank 7, and if had to buy a tank with GE I would buy the of-40

the tech tree could get the phoenix or the SLEP variants of the m60a3 with slightly better mobility and plates.

There are few more variants:

  • the first is T-72AV (T-72A equipped with Kontakt-1, though Hungarians say that Hungary had them with empty ERA plates);

  • the second one is T-72 Currus, it’s a Hungarian prototype with domestic ERA.

Yeah, I agree that Italy needs more premiums, specifically:

  • more versitile rank VII jet (idk what can Italy bring, but from Hungary and Romania some MiG-21 or 23 variant can be used, like MiG-21RFMM or even Lancer A/B, maybe MiG-23MF or UB, which both Hungary and Romania used);
  • jet attackers (AMX, Aermacchi, IAR 99 and IAR 93 variants);
  • 10.x MBT (it can be Leonardo M60A3, OF-40 mk.3 or just Ariete “clone”, which is imo the best choice as it doesn’t take unique stuff from the regular TT, or it can be some TR-85 variant, though I’m not sure about its effectiveness).

thank you! amazing suggestions, hopefully devs listen to us

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Yes, I know, as far as I’m concerned they are not vehicles that add exclusive content.