Italy Air and Ground suggestions

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I’ve spent like 4 hours combing the internet for vehicles from the Italian, Romanian, Hungarian and Spanish forces and put them into 2 big lists I’m cramming in this post

Italian Owned:

Ca.380 Heavy fighter
Z.1018 Bomber
Ca.135 Bomber
Ca.311 Bomber
Ca.312 Bomber
Ca.313 Bomber
Do.217-J Night Fighter
Potez 630
Ambrosini A.R. Radio Controlled Flying Bomb (2000kg bomb)
Re.2004 Fighter
M.S. 406 Fighter
D.520 Fighter
Ro.58 Fighter
LeO 451 Bomber
Ju-88 A-4 Bomber
Ambrosini SS.4 Ass-endedFighter
Fizzola F.4
Venom Fighter
4/5 variants of the Vampire Fighter (FB5, FB52, FB54, NF.10)
F-16B Fighter
P-38L Fighter
PV-2 Patrol Bomber
P-51D Fighter
Tornado ECR Multirole Strike Aircraft
RF-84F Fighter Bomber
Spitfires Mk 5 + 9 Fighter
F-104S-A SA/M

Hungarian Owned:

Dornier Do 215 Night Fighter
Fw 190 F-8 Fighter
He 112 Fighter
MÁVAG Héja I/II Fighter
Bf 109 Fighter
Bf 110 Fighter
Me 210 (Ca-1) Fighter
Me 410 Fighter
Weiss Manfréd WM-23 Ezüst Nyíl Fighter
He 111 Bomber
Ju 86 Bomber
Ju 87s (D-3, D-5, B-1, B-2) Bomber
Ju 88 Bomber
Varga RMI-1 X/H Fighter Bomber
Weiss WM Bomber
Do 23 Bomber
Hs 129 Strike Aircraft
Bf 110 Strike Fighter
Me 210 (Ca-1) Strike Fighter
Me 410 Strike Fighter
IL-28 Bomber
MiG-15 Fighter
MiG-17 Fighter
MiG-19 ground attack (NO GUNS)
MiG-21 (MF+Bis) Fighter
MiG-23 (MF) Fighter
Su-22 Fighter
MiG-29 Fighter
JAS 39 C/D Fighter (2xAIM9L I-1 (basically 9M) /AIM120 just copy paste C) (tear Gyarfal if wrong)

Romanian Owned:
IAR 99 (strikemaster 88 situation)
Blenheim Bomber
Do 17M Bomber
Hurricane Mk1 Fighter
He111 E/H Bomber
Hs 129 B-2 Attack
IAR 80 A/B/C / 81 Fighters
Bf-109 E/F/G Fighter
Bf-110 C/E/F Strike Aircraft
B-24 Bomber Bomber
Fw 190 A-8/F-8 Fighter
P-51 Fighter
I-16 Fighter
MiG-3 Fighter
IL-10 Strike Aircraft
Tu-2 Bomber
MiG-15 Fighter
Yak-23 Fighter
IL-28 Bomber
MiG-17 F / PF Fighter
MiG-19 P/PM Fighter
MiG-21 F-13 / RFM / DC / RFMM / C / M / US / UM / MF / MF-75 Fighters
MiG-23 MF/ UB
IAR-93 B/DC Strike
MiG-29 A/S/UB Fighter
MiG-21 LanceR A/C Attack/Fighter

Spanish Owned:
HA-1112-M1L Buchon (Bf-109G-2 with Merlin Engine) Fighter
T-2 (Ju-52) Bomber
B-2I (He-111) Bomber
C-4K (Bf-109) Fighter
F-86 Fighter
T-33 Fighter
F-4C Fighter
F-5 A / M Fighter
F-104G Fighter
Mirage 3 E/D/DE Fighter
Mirage F1 B/C/D/ F1EDA/DDA / F1CE / F1M / Fighter
F/16A Fighter
Typhoon Fighter

Italy Ground

L3 Lf
B1 (Sevomente)
149/40 Sevomente
M60 (theres not a regular one :/ )
Leo 1A1
OF-40/120 Mk2A
Ariete (Hitfact Mk2 turret)
Palamaria 155mm
C13/60 A/M (60mm A(autoloaded) M(manual load)
C13/4x25 SIDAM
C13/TUA (TOW Under Armour)
C13/Difesa Costiera (Coast defence (Anti Ship missiles would be funny vs tanks))
Dardo 60mm

  • Centaro Artillery Piece?
    Leone (export leopard goob)
    • 90/53 Wagon several
      CIO Centauro 2
      Centauro Family
      • 24 Tifone Mk1
        • M60 A3/Rise
          B1 Draco / ADATS
          Iveco M40 Polyphem
          • KV-1 (Captured)
            T-34 (Captured (guess what they based the P40 off of))
            Cruiser Mk.4 (Captured)

Hungary Ground

Leopard 2A7HU
Pz4 Ausf F/G
Marder 2
T-38 (Panzer 38t)
40M Turan 1
40M Nimrod
Hetzer (?)

Romanian Ground

T-72 Ural-1
TAA (Tun Antitanc Autopropulsat)
STUG 3/Hetzer (?)
T-V (panthers)

Spanish Ground

Leopard 2E
Pz4 Ausf H

A few sources I used:


Sorry for not formatting it correctly if it is, I don’t use forum sites much :(

Put it all into a visual representation.
For example, air TT made by me, which also has Romanian and Hungarian stuff:


PS you also have some paper designs in your lists, which have almost 0 chances to come according to the current Gaijin’s policy.


Idk I’m seeing a whole lotta copy paste. Maybe hold off of this for now, surely there is a better jet coming for Italy that was used by Italy and not some other country. Anyways, f16, mig29 all in one tech tree is enough for an instant no

Probably more c&p than needed, though I tried to get as much potential from the subtree as possible. As for MiG-29 and F-16 in one TT, you will anyway have it due to Hungarian stuff alteady teased by Gaijin, but with Romania you can get more unique modifications instead of just pure C&P.
Imo Italy needs Aermacchi jets first and better missiles for its F-16ADF, but I won’t be against some Romanian and Hungarian additions anyway.

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Spain didnt use the f16a but the f/a 18a

As long as we get multiple heavy tanks, more tanks with the 90mm cannon, and more stabilized stuff before 5.7 I will be happy.

do name the paper designs I’ll add a (paper) to the start of them

thanks for finding my typo :)

Though idk maybe they can be actually called unfinished designs rather than paper since some parts of them were built.


iirc ca.380 has the situation if every Italian prototype

“Destroyed in allied raid”

Idk about re2004 I’ll need to do some research

I find Italy like many small nations lakes CAS in some BRs.

Already got Sherman’s in Italy, and have prem tiger which is pretty good

I don’t think I mentioned Shermans or the Tigris

Don’t think I mentioned you, but you decided to reply anyways. Did you not read what I replied to?

I want gajin add trainer aircraft, lead-in fighter trainer (LIFT) and light attack aircraft from Alenia Aermacchi/Leonardo since rank IV ~ VIII (6.3 ~ 12.7 BR)

We’ve got the Sherman Vc, M4 Tipo IC, and the M4A4 (Edit: Only the M4A4 has a stabilizer btw).

The Sherman Vc is at 5.0 (so for Italy read 5.7, since it will get no downtiers at all, not kidding) which has no stab, no gun depression, only solid shot/APDS, and a hull that gets penned by anything from 3.0 onwards even without people aiming for the huge frontal weakspots.

The M4 Tipo IC is just the Sherman Vc but without the APDS and the frontal weakspots, honestly I just hope Gaijin doesn’t notice that it should be a higher BR than the Sherman Vc because of that. It still gets penned by pretty much everything it faces at 4.7, although it will get some downtiers.

The M4A4 isn’t terrible, but of course Gaijin had to make Italy’s only stabilized Sherman be the one type that doesn’t have a coaxial 50 cal.

I would literally be sooooooooo happy if Gaijin would just throw out the Sherman Vc and replace it with the M4A1 76 W, or better yet just not give us a 5.0 Sherman and give us an actual medium tank for the 5.7 lineup (like the M4A3 76 W or the M4A3E2).

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I don’t believe they used any of the other M4 variants other than the ones we have ingame

If they did mind sharing the site link, I usually make sure it exists before writing it down on this list

Anything but the jumbo, the jumbo is a us tt only delight and should stay that way, it’s a pretty good reason to play the USA tt. 76 Sherman’s all good though

Hungary should also get the Toldi ii Panzerjager

And if you include the Panzer IV for Hungary, you should also include the Panther A, as they were shipped together:

“a combined shipment under the code name “Farkas” was launched, which included the previously mentioned 5 Pz.V Panthers and another 20 Pz. IV delivered”

I am also lucky enough to posses a link to a primary source showing the Hungarian operation of Panthers and tigers, which can be viewed here. As can be seen, 2 Panzer V and 2 Panzer VI of the original shipments were still in possession of the 2.hungarian panzer division by August 28. By September 23, the number had increased again to 4 Panthers, but no tigers.

Note that unlike the Tiger, which were transferred as hoc in the field, the Panthers were given by the German government/high command and so should be in the tech tree.

Although, the fact that the Finnish get the t-34/85 in their tech tree of which ONLY 3 were CAPTURED shows that whatever is best for the game will be done. And since the case based on the real situation for Panthers in Hungary’s tech tree is stronger, and they are needed to fill the 5 full BR gap between the TuranIII and t72 for a tank, I think this should probably be higher priority