Italien Leopard 2A8

@x_Shini So it looks like that maiby in future istead of the 2A8IT we could have the KF51IT, even tought nothing was confirmed for now.

Intresting, yeah definitly could happen.
Rheinmetall is known to be open to relocate factories etc. Just like with already the joxer and kf41

Wouldnt say i would mind either. In terms for war thunder it means the 2a8 stays a bit more german exclusive. While there is KF51 variants even germany can get

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Possibly because there is a huge order backlog for the Leopard 2A8

No it’s because KDNS is not whilling to let leonardo open a 2a8 facility in Italy even tought that was the main point of this contract. This project also aimed to grand to Italy a place in the MGCS programme, another promise that revelaed to be false.
well that is the confirmation I guess

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Lets hope it will work with the KF51, else italian future might lool grimm


I have my doubts that MGCS will ever see the light of day. Trying to get France and Germany to agree on something is like oil and water.

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My Disappointment is Immeasurable and My Day is Ruined.
Meme aside that is a really bad news.

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@x_Shini so it appears to be KDNS’s fault as they were giving 0 tech share to Italy and 0 modification possibility (that reconfirm the previous claims by Leoanrdo) despite theyr claims (they claimed that leonardo was trying to destroy Leopard standard design wich is a pretty stupid claim). it looks like there won’t be any cooperation regarding the A2CS programme (New IFV). We will have to wait until eurosatory for understand more.

Eh italys decision is understandable, but at the same time we were sceptical about it in the first place as well.
We will see how it ends with the Kf51, but rheinmetall is known to be more flexible all things considered.
Add to this that rheinmetall offered italy the Kf41 as well and i could see a deal being made with italy under the requirement to get kf41 as well

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But i doubt we will see amything at the eurosatory.
The whole thing is to new

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Would be nice if Italy goes a different way (distancing from Germany XD) and purchases a license for K2, making something like Turkish Altay, but Italian.
Or maybe Leonardo could make a heavy variant of Hitfact mk.2 for tank combat)
PS I’ve always been skeptical about plans…

Yeah probably we won’t see any prototoypes but the Italian journal RID said that there Will be clarifications regarding wich tank a d Ifv Will be chosed.

Yeah If the buy an Italianized version of KF51 the the same Will happen with KF41.

And if you look at what the US is doing to the KF41 (XM30) i bet you can customise as you wanna

It appears Italy Leopard 2A8 plans are cancelled

You are late on the uptake

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To be honest I’m happy, I would like to see a national MBT and IFV, rather than something bought abroad. In short, you can’t acquire the skills to build a tank overnight, but if Italy started building domestic MBTs, kept them up to date and experimented a lot, maybe we could gain some autonomy in this, pass me the term, “market”.
I don’t really like this era of, can I sell you a tank that 10 other nations bought?
I would like to see more originality.

Pass me my crazy idea, but would a completely Italian IFV/MBT (Which I would like 101%), or a mixed learning with the tank of some other nation such as South Korea (K21) or Japan (Type 10), be a possibility? Most likely not, but I would really like to see which child can come out of this idea.

You are describing the Ariete there.
But the problem specialy is that italy currently lacks the skills to develop a competitive mbt or the finance to develop stuff from the ground.
Those they are resorting to export tanks because its just easier.
Of course italy still wants to learn stuff and retain the skills to possibly develop stuff in the future and there comes the current dilemna.
The Ariete just turned out to bad even with modifying amd experimenting

A complete italian mbt/ifv is very unlikely propably.
If they are lucky a mixed KF 41/51 with italian tech might be possible.
But that isnt the originality you are looking for either.