Italian Top tier air Obsolete?

Well, it not obsolete but it can do better. Since Italy does not have a fighter with a new missile I believe the F-16A ADF should receive the AIM-9L-1 To have a more competitive missile. This missile has already been in the game under a different name, The AIM-9L-1 is an AIM-9L with the seeker of the AIM-9M. And at one point the AIM-9M lacked it smokeless engine effectively being an AIM-9L-1.

  • Yes, Add the AIM-9L-1 to The ITALIAN F-16A ADF
  • Yes, But Add the AIM-9L-1 to both the Italian and American F-16A ADF
  • No

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I do not think that the American’s need this but I am not against it as they have an f-16 capable of using AIM-9M

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Another option (and maybe the better option) would be to add another F-16 to the italian line, that could then recieve Aim-9L/i and AMRAAM in the future whilst leaving Italy with a perfectly “capable” 12.0. So in future you’d go Tornado ADV > F-16 ADF (with 9Ls + 7Ms) > F-16 ADF (Late) (with 9L/I + AMRAAM)

Would avoid creating an unncessary gap


I do not Believe Italy use any other F-16’s as they were only rented while waiting for the Eurofighter.
I checked and this is correct.

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Yep, but could just be the same F-16 with an upgraded loadout. Though what Im expecting them to do is a Hungarian air tree or at least Hungarian additions. I think there is both another F-16 in there and a Gripen C.

Though does further reinforce the need for Typhoon ASAP

Aim-9L/I is definetly an option for the current F-16, though im always wary about buffing older stuff as stop gap (Britain was staddled with the FGR2 for 3 years with incremental “upgrades”) It sucks and just leaves voids and a messy TT. Though with Gripen A with equivalent at 12.0. Its certainly not a BR issue.

I do not think getting the same vehicle, but different loadout should ever be a thing. Would just be another way to increase the grind

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Its a minor nation what do you expect, balance?

Typhoon says hi.

oh look a main nation enjoyer


Personally I’m fine with it if it’s foldered so that you can skip it if you want to

Would just be a way to say we have 2 top tier fighters so they don’t have to give us anything more

My fear with Britain now we have the Gripen C…

So I definetly know what you mean.

yeah, I was surprised to get the AV-8 in Italy after we got 3 rank 8 jest in just a few updates. But there Arnt many options for Italy now until Eurofighter (in terms of fighter jets) I feel it’s either AIM-9L-1 or the Grippen C, for this patch. Although we might have to relly on Hungarian jets for new fighters.

Yeah, it was padding the tree, A “See, you’ve got 3 rank 8 aircraft, what do you want any more for” situation I reckon. Britain has been the same. We got literally the same 3 aircraft (not including the F-16)

Yes, Israel mains were crying about the gap with their 3 rank 8 Fighters while many other nations only had one and in Great Britain case 0 other than the tornado which hardly counts.


Yep, they really need to work on their priorities. Fine US and USSR get the most options, but no excuse for other nations getting nothing

True, but in a perfect world incremental improvement would be something cool, something like
F-16A (AIM-9J/L)
F-16C (AIM-9L/M AIM-7M/P)
but you could skip the second two F-16s if you wanted to.

Well Italy’s problem with the F-16 is, it never used AIM-9M just AIM-9L-1

I mean if it’s basically just AIM-9M then why not it would barely need a texture change

Did Italy operate AIM-9L/I-1? Assuming so, they can just be added to the Italian ADF variant, no need for additional F-16 types at Italy’s top tier, since there will then be the addition of multiple variants of the Typhoon/EF-2000 after the F-16 ADF. In actual Italian service, the F-16A was just a stopgap before the introduction of Eurofighters, so just that one model should suffice in the Italian tree before the EF-2000 variants

Yeah the AIM-9L/I-1 is very easy to implement into the game. Take an AIM-9L’s flight characteristics and conventional smokey motor, give it the 9M’s IRCCM, and there you go. Its a pretty inevitable inclusion too since there are multiple aircraft from the German tree to be added which employed this missile

Pics of the missile