Italian Social Republic (RSI) war flag decal.

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Italian Social Republic (RSI) war flag.


From 1943, Italy was divided in two. In the North, the Italian Social Republic was formed, a fascist state heavily influenced by Germany. The National Republican Army (ENR) had some tanks in service that previously belonged to the Royal Italian Army and the RSI tank drivers applied the flag of the Social Republic as a badge.


The decal itself is an Italian tricolor with an eagle in the middle holding a fasces in its paws.

Pictures and drawnings.






Come Il Diamante! – I Carristi Italiani 1943-45

Not a bad idea. There are plenty of vehicles between 3.0 to 5.0 which fights for Salerno or Milan, and it is cool to add a bit of details. +1



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  • 1 only for historical reason. I believe the fascio should be edited to avoid complications with many regulations in some countries (as actual decals for Regia Aeronautica modification)

This is why I suggested it. Only for historical reason.

just to remark it.
This kind of insignia could be considered controversial under some legislation.

Sadly I know it.

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Personally speaking I’m not a big fan of flag decals on tanks, I just don’t find them pleasing that’s all.
But I support this addition, although I don’t know if Gaijin would be willing to add the original design, the fasces symbol may cause some issues depending on country’s legislations

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I’m answering you as a person who lives in Italy: if they added this decal and it had even the slightest bit of resonance in the news, Italian journalists would accuse the video game of fascism. Reasons? For them, even just remembering that there were fascists in Italy is a crime