Italian rank 6 fighters are just overtiered

So I noticed that most of the aircraft in rank 6 are some of the worst jets in that BR. Most of them have nothing on par with the aircraft they have to fight. The G.91Y and G.91YS are like flying turds with wings and somehow they are 9.3 and 9.7 which the the YS being 9.7 there’s no point in playing it cause its just going to be put into 10.0 matches and you wont have any flares. The top speeds for both of them are around the same as the other G.91s.

The F-86K is in the same boat as the G.91Y and YS just being a trash jet with it have a pretty bad turn time and the only reason is up that high is because it gets 2 Aim-9Bs which somehow both A-4s the US have get Aim-9Bs and they get a 8.7 BR.

The F-104G is a great jet don’t get me wrong but being 10.7 is just a issue. You will always be in a 11.0 match with jets getting better missiles and having a better turn time. If it was 10.3 it wouldn’t be in 11.0 matches as much but it would also keep it away from going into 9.0 matches.

I have no idea why the Sagittario and the Airete were even put to 9.3. Its a sub-sonic jet with only 240 rounds of ammo and the only thing it has going for it is the turn time and its still worse then a Mig-15s turn time which is around the same type of jet yet the Mig is 8.7.

I really don’t like to complain but come on now, this is just sad with the state of Italian aircraft.
Also this is not mentioning the Hungarian aircraft that was just added which I’m sure most the aircraft they have work fine in their BR.


G.91Y is afaik legacy BR back when it was top tier. Since no one plays it no data to move it down.

F-86K is in similiar boat.

F-104G at 10.7 is IMO ok, but im speaking from my experience flying the german version, and if i recall right there were some differences, namely italian variant getting less missiles. That is still true?

Sagitario/Ariete - again if i recall correctly, legacy BRs. Wasnt it sagitario that got the AP belt of pure death that allowed it to act as effectice CAS? And as far as im aware these are stil manueverable monsters, which is the sole reason they are that high.

Everyone keeps turn fighting and dying to them. F-104 is due to it getting flares and aim-9J’s.

I am not sure why you limit your view on Rank VI fighters.

Just try to find a non-overtiered Italian prop fighter from domestic production.

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I’m afraid I disagree.
Playing subsonic 9.7s against this thing is a nightmare. There is no real way to kill it, aside from headon or if the F-104 makes a misplay. Moving it down would be a poor decision.

But your broader point, more generally, yes I do agree that Italian Air is just very sad. I make the point that the Pencil shouldn’t go down, but I say that having seen a handful.

Yes the Italian one has less missiles then the German variant.

They just changed the BR a few patches ago from being 9.0 to 9.3 which makes its prone to uptiers which for that jet its a nightmare cause you only advantage you have is the turn time which doesn’t work out for you cause there’s missiles flying at you.

The Sagitario was only able to use HE belts so it couldn’t pen any ground vehicles.

The Mig-15 gets a better turn time and its 8.7. The Vampire has a better turn time and its 8.0 (also yes the Vampire is a little slow though)

Well its mostly cause I like G.91Ys and I’m also grinding in that rank.

Well dealing with the F-104 in a uptier feels the same cause you only get two Aim-9Js and you are dealing with Mig-23MFs that get R-60MKs and F-4s with Aim-7Fs so it almost feels the same way a subsonic jet would feel fighting it cause you are just always outclassed. All I’m saying is putting it in the middle with it being 10.3 so it wont be prone to uptiers but it would also keep it from getting constant downtiers

I do think it there is some truth in some Italian aircraft (not just in Tier VI mind you) being overtired with the G.91YS being one of the worst examples of this however there is way more nuance to this mainly that compression is still a major issue and there is certain problem aircraft where balancing it correctly can be quite tricky.

For example i think the placement of the G.91Y is for the most part fine, it is just some of the vehicles it faces even at it’s own BR that are the trouble vehicles due to being undertiered like the A-10’s, Su-25’s and to a lesser extent the F-104A/C’s for example. MiG-19’s are another problem aircraft in that regards too

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That should be obviously chnaged.

Unless im missing something…


You can see here I spaded mine and it only has HE.

I see where the misuderstanding is.

Notice i said “allowed”, not “allows”.

Belt was removed.

Ah I misread, apologizes.
But even then when it was first added it was 8.7 then 3 - 4 patches later it got put into 9.0 and the AP belts were removed then just recently it was bumped up into 9.3.

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Iirc it was removed shortly after introduction (maybe in a week of so after update dropped), because that shell was for a different cannon irl.
These 2 jets can be very good in hands of experienced players, who can evade all-aspect missiles in them)

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Yet why should players even have to deal with missiles in jets that should be in a lower tier?