Italian F104G situation

Should the Italian F104G receive 4 aim9J?
  • Yes
  • No
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The Italian F104G wich is identical to the German and to the new Belgian one for some reasons despite being at the same br (10.7) is currently lacking 2 missiles. There is not real reason behind this incorrect nerf besides mere statistics. Apparently the Italian G is prevented from have it’s correct lodout because according to statics it is “overperfoming” and I was also told that in order of giving to the aircraft it’s correct lodout it should have been raised wich mean that for have 4 aim9J the Italian G for the devs should be at the same br of the S, wich better in every single field. And yet we return at the main problem of the Italian tt, were player are more skilled than others tt and they are able to achive better result even with a nerfer and overtiered aircraft. But it’s not fair for anyone who unlock the Italian G to have a worse perfoming aircraft only because of meaningless statistics.


Add a poll, just to make it clear of the options.
I very much agree to this.

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ok, done

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Honestly, I would like AIM-9J to be removed from the Italian F-104G in exchange for lower BR.


At 10.3 there are arledy the chinese G with J and the japanese J with P (J copy). Removing the AIM9J will only open new issues

American Starfighters with Aim-9B are at 9.3, I think this one would be at 9.7 or 10.0 at max. Just my opinion of course, but I like this way more. It would make Italian F-104G a bit more unique and closer to irl.
Honestly would take the same for F-104S considering how it suffers from radar missiles currently.
Though BRs are up to Gaijin, so I’m for sure not going to suggest such changes, I’ve already experienced a big fail with Ariete weight report, where they didn’t even consider changes in protection.
In the current state I of course support an improvement.

I agree with this.
The Italian F-104G is unfairly underrated.
As a side note, the F-104Gs added to the French tree are from Belgium, not the Netherland

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Ah yeah, You are right. Fixed

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