Italian Air Force Skin for the MQ1 Predator

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G’day to everyone and today I’m here to suggest to add a new skin in the game, the Italian Skin for the MQ1 Predator. As You can see when spawn with a RQ1 in every nation that have it, it has American decal and markings. I suggest to add this skin for the RQ1 that You can spawn when You play Italy because Italy is the only nation aside the USA that operated it in real life. This skin will be a very good addition to the Italian TT since this drone was used in several wars and it has a story in the Italian aviation being the first military drone operated by Italy. It will be a very easy skin to add since someone alredy made it in the war thunder live (even if the skin on the wt live is lacking of the Roundels on the wings)



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+1 great idea, its effortless and it would be very cool

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+1, very cool and would give a realism touch to the game , while being really easy to add

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