It’s ridiculous to use the F15A to fight against the SU27 in 12.3

The comparison of the F15A and SU27 in a gaming environment reveals a stark imbalance. The SU27’s six R27ER missiles grant it a significant advantage, allowing it to potentially down the F15A before it can even close in. Additionally, the SU27’s R73 missiles offer unparalleled dogfighting capabilities. In contrast, the F15A’s wings are excessively fragile in the test server, breaking under an 11G load in less than two seconds, while the SU27 withstands up to 13G with ease.

Many might argue that Americans also have AIM-54. However, experienced players know that the AIM54 can be easily evaded without extensive maneuvering, unlike the R27ER which has near ‘space weapon’ capabilities. The persistent presence of these advanced missiles in the Russian arsenal within the game has skewed the top BR. If Gaijin and Russian developers don’t address these biases, the top BR could become a hunting ground dominated by SU27 and J11, leading to a gameplay disaster.

What a balance


Like all radar missiles you hug the ground to avoid them, it’s not the missile its the pilot, and yes it does carry a lot of R27ER’s but that’s because it was designed to do so and the R73’s while good doesn’t have the IRCCM like the AIM9M or the AAM 3 it trades that off for maneuverability.

The Su-27 is a supermaneuverable fighter aircraft it was designed to withstand the high G maneuvers while the F-15 was not, again this is just pilot error as not all wings are indestructible.


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The way these US mains cry about ER vs Aim7m is so insane when the other SARHs are 530d, aspide, skyflash DF or TEMP.

So insane.


Aim-7M is obsolete whether you want it or not. We need a new missile.


Yeah it’s still way better than the rest hello ?

I wish i had AIM-7M on Mirage 2000


What the hell has the Mirage 2000 got to do with the F-15 not being able to compete with the Su-27?
If you only want better stuff for your country go make a separate thread, don’t bother us.


I don’t think you have reading comprehension

I’m telling you others have had it rough too and there was no such energy and desperation when their missiles were Aspide Skyflash & 530D vs R-27ER

Does that compute in your US main brain or do you only see things from your own POV ?


Then make a thread about it! This is about the Su-27 and the F-15A.


Lmao i’m just pointing out the fact that everyone faces the Su 27 and there are jets with way worse armament so your whining is overly dramatic

But I get it you’re a silver spoon US main that is used to having the best stuff all the time so it’s like the sky is falling on your head right now yadda yadda yadda.


Yeah again all the “US gets everything muh, my nation needs this muh, my nation needs that muh.” We’re currently trying to find a genuine way the make the F-15A competitive agaisnt the Su-27. If you’re gonna get triggered each time we try to find a solution you might aswell leave this forum. Want better armament for you favorite nations buddy? make an actual proposition in your own thread, stop whining thanks.


Looks like making a “whine” thread works. The other time russia got the best IR missile, we made ourselves clear that we wanted the Aim-9M to be on par, and we got it. Trying to invade thread on other topics doesn’t work huh?


it’s so funny how you assume i’m demanding buffs for nations nobody mentioned, it’s almost as if you admit you have better stuff

But again you don’t get the point regardless, it’ll always be about how hard you cry because you can’t match the russian jets in X department and how there need to be solutions

Meanwhile minor nations are told to cope and do with what they have
But this just doesn’t compute in your brain and it probably won’t ever

Either way your attempt to find solutions is useless, they pretty much confirmed AMRAAM for next update, you will then be able to resume your crying because it’s not good enough then
In the meantime, cope


Make a thread for your minor nations, i no longer have time to argue with you, and this is getting us Nowhere on the topic of the F-15A being worse than the Su-27 in every way. You can find other way to cope that minor nation don’t get as much.


neither plane has a new missile soo I don’t see the issue at their current BR. U only get to fire 1 or 2 radar missiles before getting into the furball anyways.

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The F-15 is competitive against the Su-27, you just have to use the F-15 to its strengths in a dogfight like it’s superior energy retention.


The Su-27 wins in most dogfight scenarios. It has access to 4 R-73s. Since it’s better in a dogfight, we’re proposing that the F-15 gets the upper hand in the BVR combat, to counter the Su-27 impressive 6 R-27ER we want the F-15A to get at least the Aim-7MH, and at best the Aim-120A.


how often do you dogfight in top tier lets be honest, the match is over in 5 minutes

If you survive the initial R27ER wave, Dogfights against R-73 capable jets are actually happening quite often.


the wave of aim54s got it

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