It’s Fixed! №93

Oh yes. For some reason you can’t take fighter and shoot down enemy CAS.

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Mist of things counterable in game.
And exceptions are not premium.

By grinding the air tree for every nation… Not a viable option

If you already grinded ground - what a problem?

Didn’t answer my question you said players can spend money to counter the problem? You think that’s ok do you?

Because i want to play ground, not air hence why i hit the button GROUND RB

They can, but that’s additional option.
You already have planes in TT that capable od doing same stuff

Ha-ha how fun.
You just need to read, what stated in description of game mode.

In other words it’s ok for cas to slam spaa beyond it’s capable range and you should grind another tech tree to solve the problem… Brilliant

In that case you choose wrong game.

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If you want to discuss CAS, please use this threads:

No more CAS discussion in this thread please.

Thread will be re-opened in few.

Changes from Fixed are reverted from server due to bug. It will fix issue and upload fixes in few.

Changes are back on server.


Leaving aside the time thing, this is a VERY welcome change!

Others oppose it, for the same reason I appreciate it so much; it will make revenge-bombing more difficult! Until now, killing someone implied compromising your position. Hopefully, it won’t be the case by such a large degree anymore!

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I technicially agree remove these after-1949 RoC planes from cold-war era ASB, but I specially pointed F-104G cause it’s a SAAB J 35 on radar

And MiG-29G would be a problem, cause it’s a united Germany plane and even joined military exercise with other NATO planes

Sadly, its the opposite of what you and I want

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did they fix the 3rd person thermals yet?

does that mean that the 3rd person thermals have been reverted to normal?