It’s Fixed! №90

It’s No.90! We’re continuing to discuss in more detail the bug fixes and improvements that we’ve been working on over the past 2 weeks. Let’s jump right in.

If you’ve found a bug that you’d like to report, you can do so on our community bug reporting platform.

Fuel slider fixes


In the Alpha Strike major update, we added a fuel slider to aircraft as part of the on-going Roadmap. This week we’ve now fixed issues relating to this new feature.

Thanks to your reports, it turned out that the amount of fuel specified in the fuel slider was reset after changing aircraft crews, after pressing Esc in the weapon selection menu before battle, and also after the end of the battle.

Additionally due to this bug, the player had to change the amount of fuel each battle in order to spawn in with the amount they wanted. Without doing this, it was possible to spawn into a battle with the quantity that was manually selected by the player previously for a different aircraft.

After today’s update, the fuel slider now works properly and displays the correct amount of fuel. If you’ve encountered any other strange behaviors with the fuel slider, please do report to us and we’ll take a look.

Periodic countermeasures work while in overload


Periodic firing of countermeasures works automatically and in test flights this worked as it should have, but in real battles it acted up. As soon as the pilot lost consciousness from overload, the periodic firing of countermeasures stopped.

We’ve now fixed this bug, and the pilot’s state no longer affects the periodic firing of countermeasures.

Aiming reticle and mouse circle fix

Previously, when controlling an aircraft in mouse aiming mode, the game tried to match the longitudinal axis of the aircraft with the cursor. Because of this, with aircraft where the aiming axis had an angular displacement vertically, when rolling the gun sight moved left and right, which was not convenient.

The game now takes into account the vertical angular displacement of the sight relative to the longitudinal axis of the aircraft, which means that the direction of flight is set by matching the aiming reticle with the mouse cursor, which is much more intuitive.

Naval Vessel hitcam fixes


We’ve made a number of fixes and improvements to a vessel’s hit camera. It now shows the remaining buoyancy of a target. Previously this was not displayed due to a bug.

Plus, now the main caliber gun counter in the hit camera does not take into account aircraft catapults. This device of course is great help in battle, but they were included in the main caliber count by mistake.

There’s more!

We’ve got the full list of improvements in separate update notes. Here’s some more: Incorrect values of armor penetration at an angle of 60 degrees have been corrected in shell stat cards, leaving the sniper scope while on water no longer turns the camera 180, and replenishing ammunition with a ship will no longer exceed the limit of ammunition that was set by the player.

All updates and their change-logs can be found here.

Once again, many thanks for all your bug reports that you submitted using our special service.


Is there a way someone can explain the longitudinal axis changes to mouse-aim flight mode in simpler English? Does this mean my plane won’t pitch into the ground sometimes because of the instructor?

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The aircraft/instructor would move depending on what you’re pointing guns at.

This means that F-4C flight path would be set accordingly to your aim

Same with some other aircrafts, such as BR.693 in french TT.

This is a change compared to previously, where gun point was the result of flight path with a fixed Degree angle.

(It seems to be a way to helps newbs learning curves with some specific aircrafts,… terrible choice for those who loves to fly low,… they would be pointing the ground, in order to stand 10meters over it → not appreciated change for myself)

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When are you going to fix the VR aiming bug???

Imagine you’re playing and someone keeps bumping your mouse… EVERY THREE SECONDS! Now endure that for the entire match… and endure that for the last month. Imagine how ANNOYING that would be… every… THREE… seconds!

When are you going to fix the VR aiming bug???

Is VR an official game mode? Yes, then you need to fix GAME BREAKING issues!

Your bug reporting system is incredibly broken and need of urgent overhaul…

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So are you saying this only affects aircraft with guns that are angled down below the nose of the plane or something?

Yep, that’s what’ve just said,…

Right, I missed the sentence that specified that in the original post. No need to be hoity with all your eclipses there, bud

i was answering you’re latest question ^^" no offense dude

Hm as great as it’s to see fixes I can’t see how the shaft on the USS Dealey was higher on the list of things conpared to its non-existent fire directors…

Side question I’m guessing the Desaix Ex Z5 Paul Jacobi is the internal name for the Kléber Ex Z6 Theodor Riedel, Strange how it seems to be german ships as also seen by Luchs/ Iltis for the Type 1924 torpedo boat.