It makes no sense for a rolled-up cloth to be obstructing the commander's camera in the STRV 122B+

It doesn’t make sense for this cloth to keep appearing on the camera of the STRV 122B+ commander; it only serves to hinder. In real life, the crew would probably unroll it a bit to not disrupt the commander’s aim as much.


The thing is, the cloth isn’t even the real issue
If you take the 122A and 122B PLSS for a test, you’ll see that they have the same exact piece of fabric on there
However for some reason the commander sight appears to be lowerd on the B+ compared to those two which is why that cloth is only noticable on that one

The commander sight seems to be the exact same thing from the outside so i’m not sure why it’s magically lowered on this one


In this case, it should be bug reported. Anyone know if it already has been?

It seems like it already happened, but the gaijin just doesn’t do anything…

More than 5 months without a response. Where are the developers?

Or they could just move the cloth somewhere else or just remove it.