ISU-152K (TKB‑602) - A peculiar test bed

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Hello ! This is my first suggestion and I’d like to talk about a vehicle that has only surfaced very recently, this month in fact. While experimenting new guns on the ISU-152 was quite a common thing to do in the USSR, this one is pretty unlikely.

I’d like to suggest the addition of the ISU-152K (241K) armed with an experimental 152 mm anti-tank guided missile launcher and its TKB-602-A2 missiles (or Garpun, we’ll get back to that).

What is currently known as the only photograph of this ISU-152 at the proving ground of the “Leningrad Military Combined Arms School named after S. M. Kirov”, December 1963



While work on the future missile tank 288 was ongoing at the Kirov factory in Leningrad in the early 1960s, the question concerning what armament to use was still not closed. In 1963, the OKBT, Krasnogorsk Mechanical Plant, Factory 9 and TsNII-73 were working on fitting it out with the Lotos ATGM.
In addition to this, it was also considered to use either the Rubin ATGM or the Garpun ATGM. Two 1:10 models were built showcasing the tank armed with those two options. The TKB-602 complex was also meant to use the unguided rocket Gazon.

Model of the 288 missile tank armed with Rubin ATGMs

Model of the 288 missile tank armed with Garpun ATGMs

Gazon rocket, in practice similar to BUR

Since the Garpun missile was still in active development, a simulator called TKB-602-A2 was created, mostly to test out some features like fin deployment.
In order to test them out, it was decided to use an ISU-152K and modify its internal compartment. The gun was also shortened to only 3 meters long. Those modifications allowed an increase in vertical targeting angles up to 40° overall.
It was built in december 1963 and partook in trials before being abandoned.


Crew : 4 to 5

  • Driver
  • Gunner
  • Commander (it unlikely had one as it was a test bed)
  • Loader
  • Loader


  • One 152 mm gun/launcher TKB-602 (Ammo : no more than 20, less is very likely)
    Sights : PS-10
    Elevation : 40° overall
  • Since the TKB-602-A2 missiles were (likely inert) simulators of the Garpun ATGM, I propose adding the later ones with the following characteristics that are known :

Length : up to 1200/1300 mm

Speed : up to 700/800 m/s

Mass : 30/40 kg

Armor penetration : 600/700 mm

Effective range : 5 km

  • I also propose adding the Gazon rockets with the characteristics specified in the data sheet above in the “History” section.


  • Weight : ~ 47,2 t
  • Length : 7.81 m
  • Width : 3,07 m
  • Height : 2,405 m


  • Engine : V-54K (A-137K) (520 hp)
  • Top speed : 40 km/h / -15 km/h
  • Transmission : 8 forward / 1 reverse




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+1 would be a perfect event vehicle.

+1, it’s hilarious, but would also be very hard to balance. It’s got powerful missiles (SACLOS I assume?) but the ISU is slow, poorly armoured past like 4.7, and has virtually no gun depression. Would it be fun even at ~6-7.0?

I would love to see Object 247 in game (ISU with 152mm BL-10 cannon)!

The gun depression can be mitigated to some degree since it uses missiles that can dive downwards if needed.

soviet amx-10m with saclos but slower and wirtually unkillable with auto canons (at least without apfsds)? Perfect!